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Solocal Boosts Customer Loyalty with Diabolocom and Salesforce Collaboration

Solocal: Your Local Digital Marketing Expert

Solocal stands out in the digital world as a local expert, establishing itself as a trusted digital ally for over 260,000 French businesses, primarily small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Solocal is also France’s leading website builder, producing nearly 15,000 websites a year.

Leveraging this expertise, Solocal offers ongoing support to clients, delivering strategies that enhance online visibility, boost e-reputation, and drive growth.

Solocal also owns the PagesJaunes media (15M UV/month), which lists 4 million professionals and attracts 3 out of 10 French people every month.

To optimize its B2B customer relationship management, Solocal has chosen to collaborate with Diabolocom: the CCaaS solution has been integrated into its information system since 2020. Following successful deployments, Solocal continues to strengthen its partnership with Diabolocom, this time as part of its strategy to reduce churn.

Successful first deployments for telesales and customer relations…

Increase productivity in Solocal telesales

In the past, Solocal’s telemarketing teams worked with an approach known as ‘portfolio”, prospects and customers were assigned to telemarketers. Telemarketers would then try to reach them, but would frequently end up with voicemails.

Solocal chose Diabolocom for its migration to automated call campaigns. Deploying the contact center solution allowed Solocal to make these key improvements:

  • Equipping telesales staff with an automated campaign management tool with automatic answering machine detection 
  • An increase in the results of call campaigns and, in particular, the time spent on calls during the day:

The time spent on communication by telemarketers jumped by 70% at the end of the project, which is a great success for Solocal.”

Nicolas Chalaye – Head of CRM at Solocal’s IT department

Thanks to the 45 automatic campaigns deployed via the Diabolocom solution, Solocal’s 800 advisors, connected simultaneously, now make 50,000 calls a day to the company’s prospects and customers. 

In addition, Diabolocom’s automatic answering machine detection tool, which boasts a 97% success rate, eliminates calls directed to voicemail. This advanced feature significantly enhances agent productivity. 

Optimizing the Solocal customer journey

After telesales, other deployments followed, applied to customer service and production. In particular, the production teams, responsible for producing digital products for Solocal customers, manage appointment setting and onboarding after the sale. This represents 29,000 inbound calls per month and 15,000 onboarding or review calls, made using the Diabolocom solution.

To manage the various stages of the customer journey more efficiently, Solocal has implemented a number of features on the Diabolocom platform: IVR, strategic routing of incoming calls, web call back, and more.

In particular, the web call back, available on the customer portal and on the website, enables customers to request a callback immediately or at a time of their choosing. The results obtained are highly satisfactory: QoS has improved significantly and the conversion rate via web call back has reached 13%, an excellent performance.
Following this success, Solocal deployed these solutions in its subsidiaries with the aim of harmonizing telephony solutions within the Solocal group.

… successfully extended to Solocal’s churn reduction strategy

Prevention and retention: from observation to strategic action


Indeed, reducing churn—a concern for all companies including Solocal—requires a comprehensive approach that spans the entire customer experience, from sales and onboarding to loyalty, production, and service.

Solocal has found that when a customer is not contacted during the course of their journey, they are twice as likely to cancel than a customer with whom there has been an exchange, even a brief one. This exchange is an opportunity to demonstrate what the solution can do for them, to ask for feedback, etc. 

On the other hand, if the customer still wishes to cancel, it’s important to make sure that it’s not an obstacle course to do so, as he or she may one day become a customer again. 

That’s why, in 2023, Solocal embarked on a prevention and retention strategy with Diabolocom, to apply the control of outbound call campaigns to new uses and ensure the smooth running of the entire customer journey. 

Salesforce and Diabolocom pair up to prevent churn

Solocal chose to implement Diabolocom’s native integration with Salesforce CRM to achieve this strategy. Upstream, targeting is carried out to identify at-risk customers who will be concerned by these prevention and retention campaigns.

The Diabolocom solution, coupled with Salesforce, is a real asset for the smooth running of these campaigns:

Personalize interaction with Salesforce form feedback
Adapted management according to customer path: to route calls according to agent skills and customer context
Automatic feed of Diabolocom campaigns
Automated post-call processing: to reduce ACW (After Call Work) for advisors.

In just a few months, the results are convincing:

  • In a context where 70% of calls end up on voicemail, teams save precious time thanks to progressive campaigns with answering machine detection, which automatically reject these calls;
  • 20% increase in advisor productivity thanks to automation and answering machine detection;
  • Improved responsiveness, with 80% faster turnaround times
  • Loyalty is multiplied by 2;
  • And customers are very appreciative of the approach: satisfaction scores are 4.6/5 for the preventive aspect and 4.2/5 for retention.

“The Salesforce x Diabolocom pairing helps us upstream of the call, enabling productivity gains, and downstream of the call, to efficiently handle the tedious task of updating Salesforce objects, thus improving responsiveness for our customers.”

Nicolas Chalaye – Head of CRM at Solocal’s IT department

KPIs Solocal Diabolocom


Diabolocom campaigns, coupled with native integration with Salesforce CRM, have enabled Solocal to effectively manage prevention and retention.

With 18 years of customer relations expertise, Diabolocom stands as a genuine partner to its clients, providing tools to anticipate trends and foster top-notch customer relationships. Diabolocom’s AI-enhanced CCaaS solution is essential to building a seamless, optimal customer journey.

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