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Clark Converts Leads Successfully through Diabolocom’s Integration with Salesforce


Clark is a digital insurance platform known for its transparency, affordability, and comprehensive insurance coverage options. It leverages a blend of technological innovation and deep insurance knowledge to provide users with straightforward, equitable, and customer-focused insurance advice.

Established in Berlin in June 2015 by Dr. Christopher Oster and Steffen Glomb, Clark has gained support from the FinTech incubator FinLeap and the insurance-focused think tank ITA, the Institute for Transparency. This backing highlights Clark’s commitment to modernizing and simplifying the insurance industry for its users.

In the dynamic world of the insurance industry, the start-up Clark has achieved the coveted status of “unicorn”. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and efficient processes, the company has demonstrated that it is not only at the forefront of innovation but also adept at striking the balance between disruptive approaches and established industry standards.

Proactive Sales Strategy with Diabolocom

Clark has discovered an intelligent way to convert customer contacts into successful leads, and the secret lies in its responsive global digital marketing strategy.

Clark’s digital strategy revolves around providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies insurance processes, offers personalized insurance recommendations, and enhances customer engagement through digital channels. The company employs technology to streamline insurance-related tasks, such as policy management and claims processing, aiming to make the insurance experience more transparent and convenient for its users.

To further emphasize its commitment to user responsiveness, Clark has recognized the importance of partnering with Diabolocom, a CCaaS provider, to handle reactivity. This strategic move to Diabolocom ensures that, as soon as individuals fill out forms on their website, the company can promptly reach out to them. This proactive approach not only aligns with Clark’s goal of delivering an efficient and personalized experience but also demonstrates its dedication to addressing customer needs promptly and effectively.

Forms for various insurance policies can be completed on the Clark website and simultaneously entered in Salesforce as new leads. Thanks to the native integration, these entries are sorted by age and priority and transferred to Diabolocom as campaign data records with precise call frequencies based on specific criteria. The new lead is now directly available to Clark employees for a personal consultation. The decisive factor here is the time between when a potential customer submits their inquiry via the Clark website and when an employee contacts the customer. In Clark’s case, there is a two-minute gap between the moment the customer sends their inquiry and the moment a data record is sent to the employees.

Salesforce & Diabolocom

The interaction between Salesforce and Diabolocom enables Clark employees to address customers in a timely, targeted, and efficient manner. Clark has successfully demonstrated how a quick response and well-thought-out processes can make the difference in customer retention.

A rapid setup with instant results

It took Clark 3 days from the decision to use Diabolocom to the go-live. While the data records were initially imported into Diabolocom via CSV file, Clark was able to fully automate the process within 1 month. Every customer contact is automatically recorded in Salesforce and even the creation of tasks for other specialists within Clark’s customer service department was implemented as an automated process through Diabolocom.

Lead conversion: Clark’s choice for excellence

Through this collaboration, Clarks benefits from Diabolocom’s specialized expertise in customer interaction and engagement. Diabolocom’s native integration into Salesforce helps Clark find more prospects and close more deals: key performance indicators (KPIs) of its sales department have significantly improved.

  • +90% increase in call volume: The number of calls almost doubled, while the number of employees remained the same. This result underscores the company’s commitment to improving sales representatives’ work and efficiency.
  • +42% increase in appointment bookings: Increased calls, lead prioritization and shorter time spans between lead generation and call resulted in a significant increase in the number of appointments made.
  • +40% increase in conversion rate: With more calls and appointments, the number of successfully concluded contracts increased significantly.

KPIs Clark

The partnership enhances Clark’s customer service capabilities, enabling the company to provide more efficient and effective communication channels for its prospects and clients. Thanks to this proactive outbound call strategy, Clark can predict customers’ needs and reach them out to drive business growth.

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