AI Sentiment Analysis

Leverage our AI sentiment analysis tool to gauge your customers’ feelings from both voice and text, enabling tailored responses with our exclusive technology.

Diabolocom AI offers sentiment analysis

AI Sentiment Analysis for Irritant Detection

Detect customer irritants during interactions using our AI sentiment analysis tool. This advanced tool, tailored for customer relations, comprehends and processes natural language in text format.

Understand the emotions your brand evokes in customers and take appropriate action to reduce churn.

Diabolocom AI analyzes feelings to identify irritants

Data Collection and Scoring Improvement

Leverage the data gathered to improve the visibility of your agents’ performance. Pinpoint areas needing improvement in your customer relations strategy and initiate targeted coaching to improve your KPIs thanks to sentiment analysis.

Obtaining a better understanding of your customers and implementing refined scoring methods that go beyond NPS for your agents.

Diabolocom AI data collection improves agent performance

Prediction, Personalization and Performance

By employing AI sentiment analysis, you can proactively anticipate and identify risky interactions, personalize post-call treatments, and mitigate churn.

Regain control over your KPIs: reduce customer context time by 50% and post-call handling by 97%.

Diabolocom AI predicts and personalizes risky interactions

Cluster Identification

Sentiment analysis facilitates grouping into clusters, enabling precise target areas that require improvement in your services or products. By identifying sentiment variations within these clusters, you can consistently improve the quality of your offerings.

Identify specific weaknesses associated with certain regions, communication channels or product types, and then take targeted action to address them.

Identify at-risk clusters with Diabolocom AI

With Diabolocom's Artificial Intelligence solution


decrease in time required to gather customer context


cost savings on post-call processing


decrease in customer churn rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is a branch of artificial intelligence dedicated to identifying and classifying the emotions expressed in text. In our case, we employ the written transcript of the conversation to determine whether the conversation is positive, negative or neutral.

How does AI sentiment analysis work?

Sentiment analysis utilizes natural language processing, statistics and machine learning techniques to analyze the words and phrases within a text. It identifies patterns that indicate a certain emotion and leverages the overall context of the conversation to classify the overall sentiment of the text. From the transcript of a call or voicemail message, Diabolocom AI is able to identify the speaker’s emotions.

What are the fields of application for sentiment analysis with the Diabolocom solution?

The sentiment analysis provided by the Diabolocom solution can be applied to various aspects of customer service. It is valuable and useful for detecting frustrations and analyzing customer feedback. It aids in gaining a deeper understanding of customer sentiments and adjusts strategies accordingly.

How does Diabolocom's AI sentiment analysis work?

At Diabolocom, sentiment analysis is based on advanced algorithms that analyze language in both written and spoken communications. This technology detects nuances in language, offering a profound understanding of customer sentiment.

Does Diabolocom's AI sentiment analysis detect sarcasm or irony?

While detecting sarcasm and irony remains a challenge in sentiment analysis on the international scientific scene, Diabolocom is constantly enhancing its algorithms to gain a better understanding of these subtleties.

What are the challenges of sentiment analysis?

Some key challenges include understanding linguistic nuances such as sarcasm, irony, regional accents and industry-specific jargon. Furthermore, cultural, linguistic and speech rate differences can affect the accuracy of the analysis.

What does the future hold for AI sentiment analysis?

In addition to analyzing the overall sentiment of a call, Diabolocom also enables this measurement to be conducted at pivotal moments during the call… This capability allows for distinguishing between the customer’s sentiments at the beginning and the end of the call, providing insights into their evolving emotions. Besides sentiment and emotions, which are highly subjective elements even for human analysis, Diabolocom places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, as it directly influences NPS and retention rates.

The identification of more complex emotions and nuances, such as humor or sarcasm, continues to pose challenges even at the forefront of global scientific research. We are committed to ongoing investment in this area to provide the most precise analysis available.