Your phone calls directly managed in Zendesk

Add the management of your voice channel in Zendesk in a few clicks.

The Diabolocom software is accessible in your interface through Zendesk CTI integration.

Native integration

Centralize your workflows by processing your calls directly in the interface of your Zendesk CRM! Date, time, recording… All customer information is stored and a ticket is automatically created!

Your customer relationship is enhanced with Diabolocom's Zendesk CTI integration.

Smart call routing

Qualify, create and route inbound calls: every interaction is logged in Zendesk and assigned to the most competent available agent. All this thanks to customer data!

CRM data facilitates agent interactions through Diabolocom's Zendesk CTI.

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Personalized scripts for your calls

Get the most out of Zendesk with Diabolocom’s CTI integration.

The Diabolocom solution is available in the Zendesk marketplace.

Simplify your customer relationship with Diabolocom's Zendesk CTI

Contact card display

With the contact card display feature, you are notified of a call and the name of the caller directly in the Zendesk interface, even before you pick up the phone.

Call history

Your inbound and outbound calls are logged in Zendesk automatically. Take advantage of call logs and access your recordings in one click. With call history, you can add context to your phone conversations.


Because every second counts, save time! No more dialing or copying and pasting: initiate an outbound call with one click. Ready for your next outbound call campaign? Get to work!