Outbound Calls with Diabolocom for Increased Productivity

Boost your outbound call campaigns’ effectiveness to enhance reachability and sales with Diabolocom.

Tracking outbound call campaigns

Optimize your Reachability Rate

Launch ultra-targeted outbound campaigns using Diabolocom’s advanced reminder and prioritization rules.

Our Automatic Answering Machine (AMD) feature distinguishes between live answers and voicemails with over 97% accuracy, enhancing call efficiency. Our approach boosts the productivity of your advisors by enabling them to quickly move on to the next number during prospecting campaigns.

Diabolocom answering machine detection

Integrate your CRM with our Telephony Solution

With Diabolocom’s computer telephony integration (CTI) with Salesforce and other CRM solutions, you can personalize your call scripts. This leads to increased contact and conversion rates, thanks to better-targeted outbound calls.

CRM integration also streamlines the use of data and the implementation of customized strategies. This includes prioritizing actions, providing contextual feedback of key information, tracking the history of exchanges across all channels, and post-call workflow.

Outbound calls integrated into the CRM

Increase the Efficiency of your Teams

Leverage call blending to smartly fill empty callback slots and balance your advisors’ workload.

Choose the best dialing mode—predictive, progressive, or preview—for your business to boost agent efficiency.

Diabolocom dialing modes

Increase your Sales

Centralized, real-time operational visibility enables informed decisions to boost campaign performance.

Gain access to essential metrics and analytics for managing your outbound campaigns and refining strategies, driving higher sales team conversion rates.

Outbound call campaign performance

Explore Diabolocom for superior outbound campaign management


increase in call volume


increase in appointment bookings


increase in conversion rate

  • "We are now able to reach more than 70% of our customers thanks to Diabolocom’s campaign tool management."
    Raphaël L'Yvonnet
    Contact Center Business Director

Discover Diabolocom software for outbound calling campaigns

Diabolocom outbound calling software features

Outbound Call Center Software-appropriate dialing mode

Numbering mode

Choose the best dialing mode for your campaign goals: preview, progressive, power, or predictive. 

Power Dialer

The Power Dialer automates dialing, assigning calls based on predefined rules and agent availability.

Outbound call prioritization

Prioritize key prospects by identifying and reaching out to top customers first.

workforce management feature with cloud-based Contact Center Software

Outbound call assignment

Allocate calls to agents or specialized teams based on skill, availability, and specific criteria.

Recall rules

Optimize timing with strategic callback scheduling.

Call blending

Handle inbound and outbound calls seamlessly, minimizing wait times with smart call distribution.

Outbound Call Center Software-regional calls

Displayed phone number

Boost pick-up rates by customizing the caller ID with relevant country or regional codes.

Outbound Call Center Software-outgoing call numbers

Automatic answering machine detection

Enhance campaign success and agent satisfaction with our efficient Automatic Answering Machine (AMD) detection.

Native integration with your CRM

Effortlessly manage, store, and analyze customer data with Diabolocom’s CRM-integrated outbound call solution.

CRM integration

Integrate your Diabolocom call center software to your CRM or trade tools in a few clicks such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow.

Centralize and manage your customer data on a single interface.

Diabolocom is natively integrated with your CRM and business tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outbound call?

An outbound call connects call center agents or sales consultants with customers or prospects.

How do I handle an outbound call?

To effectively manage an outbound call in a call center, it’s important for advisors to include the following elements: 

  • Preparation: Define the objective of the call and find out about the recipient. Prepare a flexible conversation guide to keep you focused.
  • Clear presentation: Start by introducing yourself and checking that it’s the right time to talk. Be attentive and respond appropriately to your interlocutor’s needs. Be clear and direct in your communication.
  • Handling objections: Anticipate and respond calmly to any objections.
  • Closing and post-call processing: Recap key points, discuss next steps, and thank the person for their time. Take notes and make sure any commitments made are honored.
  • Improvement: Analyze the call to identify areas for future improvement. 

This approach enables outbound calls to be handled efficiently in a structured, responsive and professional way.

Which software should you choose to manage your outbound calls?

The choice of software for managing outbound calls depends on specific criteria tailored to your company’s needs. Diabolocom software features not only support your advisors but also maximize conversion opportunities. Furthermore, our solution  offers the following  essentials for a call center and are available directly in our solution:

  • Multiple dialing modes: Choose from our different dialing modes (progressive, power dialer, predictive, preview).
  • Automatic answering machine detection: Thanks to its high accuracy, our feature saves time and makes your agents more available for successful calls. 
  • CRM integration: Integration with your CRM or other business tools is made easy thanks to our native integrations with leading market solutions. 
  • Customized scripting: Our scripting features to guide agents through outbound calls improve their sales pitches and final sales.
  • Prioritizing outbound calls: In Diabolocom outgoing call software, define the order in which calls are processed according to your criteria. 
  • Security and compliance: Our outbound calling software complies with data protection and hosting regulations, and is HDS (Health Data Hosting) and PCI DSS (Banking Data Hosting) certified.
  • Call analysis: Use Diabolocom to measure the performance of outbound calls, through key indicators such as response rate, average conversation time, abandonment rate, etc.

What is an outbound calling campaign?

Outbound call campaigns, essential for call centers, aim to achieve various goals like sales or surveys through strategic calling. The success of these outbound campaigns depends mainly on two criteria: calling the right person at the right time and a personalized, human interaction.

Fully automated outbound calling campaigns are also possible. These have the advantage of speeding up the calling process while reducing costs, as they do not require human resources.

How to set up outbound call campaigns?

Discover our tips for setting up effective outbound call campaigns: 

  • Prepare call scripts: Call scripts can help agents feel more at ease and communicate better. Make sure scripts are clear, concise and tailored to your target audience.
  • Target the most relevant prospects: Use data from your CRM and business tools to target the prospects most likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Train agents and advisors: Make sure your advisors and agents are well trained and prepared to make effective sales calls.
  • Use the right tools: Integrations between your telephony software and your CRM, as well as automated call systems, can help your sales reps be more efficient and track prospects better.
  • Evaluate results: Measure the results of your outbound calling strategy to find out what’s working and what can be improved. Live or recorded reports and analysis can help you adjust your outbound strategy over time.

To set up your campaigns, we recommend the use of cloud-based call center software such as Diabolocom. This type of solution puts your sales teams in the best position to gain efficiency and productivity, whether they work face-to-face or remotely. Your call center can be transformed into a true sales channel with Diabolocom’s outbound campaign management tool.

How to make your outbound call campaigns effective?

To ensure the efficiency and profitability of outbound calls, it’s essential to optimize their relevance, the calling process, the connection with the destination and the duration of the interaction with potential customers.

By automating processes and workflows for outbound calls, you can improve the performance and productivity of your sales teams, enabling them to devote more time to direct interactions with prospects.

What is a dialer?

Dialers automate dialing, connecting calls to available agents, enhancing efficiency in high-volume call centers. Dialers can automatically dial telephone numbers from a list or customer database, and connect calls to agents available to answer the calls.

Dialers are particularly useful for call centers handling a high volume of outgoing calls, as they save time and increase agent productivity. They can also be used to track call results and measure call center performance.

What are the different types of dialers?

There are different types of dialers, each offering specific functionalities. Here are the main types of dialers, all available in the Diabolocom solution:

  • Predictive dialer: uses algorithms to predict when an agent will be available. Using data such as average handling time, post-call time and parameters defined in the agent’s script, the predictive dialer evaluates whether an agent will be able to answer the call and automatically dials phone numbers if this is the case.
  • Preview dialer: Allows agents to view customer information before the call is dialed. Once the agent has prepared a response, he or she either manually places the call or moves on to the next customer. This dialing mode greatly reduces the call abandonment rate. 
  • Progressive dialer: automatically dials phone numbers for each available agent.
  • Power dialer: like the progressive dialer, it automatically dials phone numbers, waiting for the agent to be available to answer the call. It can dial several numbers per available agent based on an assessment of the risk of abandonment.