Diabolocom Outbound Call Center Software

Design the most effective outbound call strategies with Diabolocom’s outbound call center software.

The outbound call software Diabolocom drives the growth of your business.

Improve customer reachability rate

Choose the appropriate outbound dialing strategy to successfully reach your contacts with Diabolocom’s outbound call center software.

As a telecom operator, Diabolocom also provides telephone numbers and guarantees high quality outbound calls wherever your customers are.

Choose the most relevant dialing mode to reach your contacts with our outbound call software.

Optimize your team’s occupancy rate

Control the flow of outgoing calls to improve your team’s productivity.

Provide your customers and prospects with improved human agent availability with Diabolocom outbound calling software!

Offer your customers and prospects better availability with Diabolocom's outbound call software.

Increase conversion rate

Create more powerful and persuasive interactions with relevant contacts, the key to lead conversion and improved sales!


Improved conversion rates thanks to Diabolocom's outbound call software.

Customize your outbound calling strategy

Plan and monitor your outbound strategy with your outbound solution configuration options, native integration, analyses and monitoring tools.

Diabolocom's solution ables you to build your own oubound strategy

The Diabolocom Outbound Call Center Software brings you up to


Prospecting and sales time


Calls answered


Customers contacted

Discover Diabolocom's Outbound Call Center Software

  • "We are now able to reach more than 70% of our customers thanks to Diabolocom’s campaign tool management."
    Raphaël L'Yvonnet
    Contact Center Business Director

Explore Diabolocom's Outbound Calling Software features designed to target and improve the impact of your outbound calling strategy

Power Dialer

The Power Dialer automatically dials numbers. It assigns off-hook calls based on your specificity and agents’ availability.

Outbound Call Center Software-appropriate dialing mode

Choose the appropriate dialing mode

Automate 100% of your outbound calls and choose the most appropriate dialer for your outbound call campaigns objectives: preview, progressive or predictive.

Prioritize contacts

Assign leads according to your priority criteria so that they are called first. Specify your most important customers’ numbers and reach them first.

workforce management feature with cloud-based Contact Center Software

Choose the best-qualified sales agent

Assign your contact to a dedicated sales advisor, customer support agent or a group of agents based on your outbound calls routing criteria.

Callback rules

Ensure that outbound calls are scheduled at the most appropriate times with callback rules.

Call blending

The call blending feature helps you manage outbound and inbound calls on the same platform and prioritize pickup calls.

Outbound Call Center Software-outgoing call numbers

Choose outbound call numbers

Increase the pickup rate for your calls by selecting the number displayed on your outbound calls! You can display a specific country code for international call campaigns or even hide the number you’re calling from.

Outbound Call Center Software-regional calls

Choose a regional outbound call number

Improve your pickup rate by displaying regional numbers based on your customers’ location. Diabolocom means you can display the area code on your outbound call.

Native integration with CRM

Diabolocom’s outbound calling software is natively integrated with your CRM to provide, store, protect and process your customer data on a single platform.

CRM integration

Integrate your Diabolocom call center software to your CRM or trade tools in a few clicks such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow.

Centralize and manage your customer data on a single interface.

Diabolocom is natively integrated with your CRM and business tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outbound call?

An outbound call is a phone call initiated by a call center or sales agent to reach a customer or a prospect.

Often used for sales, lead generation, collection of unpaid bills or customer satisfaction purposes, outbound call campaigns can be automated or operated by a human. The advantage of fully automated outbound call campaigns that they speed up the calling process and reduce costs as they do not require any human resources.

However, the success of outbound campaigns is based on two criteria: the right contact called at the right time and human interaction and personalization. Companies use outbound sales software to better manage and target their outbound call campaigns. Integrating outbound solutions such as Diabolocom with CRMs helps to cross-sell, upsell, gather insights and improve customer databases.

How to do outbound calls?

If you want to make efficient and profitable outbound calls, you need to maximize their relevance, dialing process, target reachability and interaction time with customers or prospects.

Automating the processes and outbound calling workflows can make your sales teams twice as productive and successful. Automation allows them to spend more time interacting with the customers themselves.

What is a dialer?

A dialer is used to automate the phone dialing process. Dialers can automatically dial phone numbers from a list or database of customers, and connect the calls to agents available to answer the calls.

There are different types of dialers, each offering specific features to meet particular needs. Here are the main types of dialers:

  1. Predictive dialer: It uses algorithms to predict when an agent will be available to answer a call and automatically dials accordingly.
  2. Power dialer: It automatically dials phone numbers one by one, waiting for the agent to be available to answer the next call.
  3. Preview dialer: Allows agents to see the customer’s information before the call is dialed, allowing them to better prepare their response.
  4. Progressive dialer: It automatically dials phone numbers, but waits for the phone to ring several times before moving on to the next call.

Dialers are particularly useful for call centers that handle a high volume of outbound calls, as they save time and increase agent productivity. They can also be used to track call results and measure call center performance.

What is the difference between a power dialer and a dialer?

A standard dialer is a software tool that automatically dials phone numbers one by one, and waits until the agent is available to answer the next call. With this method, calls can be lost or ignored if the agent is not ready to answer.

A power dialer, on the other hand, is a type of dialer that uses algorithms to speed up the outbound dialing process. It dials multiple phone numbers at once, using algorithms to optimize the number of calls connected to the agents available to answer them.

The power dialer eliminates waiting time between calls and allows agents to talk to more customers in less time, improving call center productivity. Power dialers can also be configured to accommodate specific scenarios, such as calling numbers based on agent availability or priority list.

In short, a power dialer is an advanced version of a standard dialer, designed to optimize call center productivity by allowing agents to efficiently handle a large volume of outbound calls.

How does a power dialer work?

Here are the main steps in the operation of a power dialer:

  1. Importing the contact list: Customer or prospect phone numbers are imported into the power dialer from a database or Excel file.
  2. Power dialer settings: The power dialer settings are configured according to the specific needs of the call center, such as the number of simultaneous calls, pause time between calls, number of attempts to reach a contact, etc.
  3. Initiating calls: The power dialer starts dialing phone numbers automatically using the configured settings. When a contact picks up, the call is automatically transferred to an available agent.
  4. Contact identification: The power dialer can automatically display contact information on the agent’s screen, such as name, address, preferences, previous purchases, etc. This allows the agent to personalize the call and tailor the speech accordingly.
  5. Call tracking: The power dialer can record calls and transcribe them into text to allow managers to assess call quality and provide ongoing training to agents.
  6. Results analysis: The power dialer can also analyze call data such as response rate, response time, conversion rate, etc. This data can help improve agent performance and adjust power dialer settings to improve outbound call efficiency. This data can help improve agent performance and adjust power dialer settings to improve outbound call efficiency.

In summary, a power dialer works by automating the outbound call process, identifying contacts and providing analytical data to help improve outbound productivity and efficiency.

How is the power dialer associated with business development?

The power dialer is very useful for sales prospecting, as it allows to efficiently manage a large volume of outbound calls. Companies that want to prospect new customers often use the power dialer to increase their conversion rate and productivity by allowing their agents to make more calls in less time.

Here are some specific advantages that the power dialer can offer to companies for business prospecting:

  1. Automated dialing: The power dialer automatically dials phone numbers stored in a list, saving time for agents who can then focus on successful calls.
  2. Real-time call management: The power dialer allows for real-time tracking of call results, which allows for the measurement of agent performance, monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjustment of prospecting strategies if necessary.
  3. Optimize agent productivity: The power dialer can reduce the amount of time agents wait between calls, allowing them to spend more time talking with customers and convincing them to do business with the company.
  4. Prospecting personalization: The power dialer can be configured to track customer preferences and behaviors, allowing prospecting calls to be personalized to the needs and interests of each potential customer.

In summary, the power dialer is an essential tool for sales prospecting because it allows companies to efficiently manage a large volume of outbound calls, optimize agent productivity and personalize prospecting to increase the chances of conversion.