Diabolocom's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for businesses and contact centers

Personalize your customer experience and reduce waiting times with Diabolocom’s high-performance Interactive Voice Response.

Customize your IVR with the visual editor

Independently design an IVR that adapts to your needs

Create your own IVR using Diabolocom’s graphical interface. This intuitive solution lets you easily customize various IVR scenarios with drag-and-drop functionality, requiring no coding. The IVR features multiple levels of automation, handling tasks from the simplest to the most complex and detailed, such as sending an SMS request or connecting you with a specific department.

Autonomous IVR design and adaptability to all needs

Authenticate and personalize your IVR calls

Enhance personalization and security by authenticating inbound incoming calls with Diabolocom’s IVR solution. This system not only visualizes queued tickets but also instantly displays customer data, eliminating the need for customers to repeat information. Quickly tailor greetings and routing options with the IVR to meet your customers’ needs more efficiently.

Infinite routing options with Diabolocom IVR

Maximize first contact resolution

Direct your calls to the appropriate advisor with Diabolocom’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. This system ensures no calls are lost or misdirected, regardless of the caller’s language or the department they wish to reach.

Automate query processing using voice synthesis, allowing your agents to maximize their time and productivity.

Additionally, analyze each department’s performance—pick-up rate, longest time to answer, average response time—and use these statistical indicators to enhance your inbound call management.

Maximize your first contact resolution rate with the Diabolocom IVR

Manage call volumes efficiently with IVR

Manage call peaks and overflow effectively and ensure priority calls are never missed with Diabolocom’s IVR solution.

This system effortlessly handles high volumes of calls and directs specific requests to the right advisors. With the Interactive Voice Response, you can identify and prioritize calls from VIP customers, ensuring they are quickly routed to the appropriate agents.

As a result, your agents can dedicate more time to complex requests and improve their responsiveness.

Manage incoming call volumes efficiently with Diabolocom IVRs

Manage call volumes efficiently with IVR

Streamline the management of routine requests and avoid overwhelming your staff with Diabolocom’s IVR and pre-recorded responses.

Customize scripts for vacation periods, emergency situations, and details about opening and closing times to ensure that your customers receive prompt answers, even when your agents are unavailable.

Diabolocom’s IVR enhances your ability to maintain customer satisfaction while making the most of your resources.

Optimize your resources and offer 24/7 support with the Diabolocom IVR

Offer 24/7 assistance

Enhance your Customer Service with Intelligent IVR, which leverages call metadata to provide a customized customer experience.

This AI-powered system assesses the customer’s call time,and history to personalize each interaction. With advanced context-based, skill-based routing, it efficiently directs customers and delivers responses suited to their specific needs.

After each interaction, Intelligent IVR evaluates customer satisfaction and enriches CRM data, paving the way for better management of future interactions.

Our IVR is AI-enhanced for greater customer satisfaction
  • "Wonderbox answers 90% of incoming calls in less than a minute with Diabolocom's IVR software."
    Nathalie Laumet
    Director of Customer Relations

Discover the Diabolocom's IVR system

Voice menus

Configure as many voice menus as you need to help your customers navigate the IVR system.

Efficiently distribute inboundcalls to the desired service or to informative voice messages.

IVR and ACD on a single platform

Combine IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) features to offer your callers the most efficient experience possible within a single interface.

Improve call flow, response time and performance in your customer service or call center.

Call flow

Easily configure your call flow in a scalable and sustainable way with Diabolocom’s IVR software

Optimal call flow structuring reduces the number of misdirected calls and cuts waiting times.

Voice recognition

Identify customer intent for rapid resolution of their verbally expressed requests.

Voice recognition technology coupled with Diabolocom’s IVR system gives customers fast access to information.

Payment by phone

Give your customers the option of avoiding the confidentiality problems associated with payment by phone.

The link between Diabolocom’s IVR system and the PCI DSS-compliant payment solution enables bank cards to be used in complete security.

The card number, which is never communicated to advisors, is not recorded in the call history.

Easy integration and interaction

Diabolocom’s IVR telephony solution integrates easily and securely with your information system and CRM.

Exploit the possibilities opened up by the convergence between Diabolocom’s IVR software and your systems and tools!

CRM integrations

Integrate your Diabolocom call center software to your CRM or trade tools in a few clicks such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow.

Centralise and manage your customer data on a single interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interactive Voice Response or IVR?

An Interactive Voice Response, also known as IVR, is a telephony solution that facilitates the management of incoming calls by means of voice menus (“to reach customer service, press 1, to reach sales, press 2”).

A well-configured IVR qualifies incoming requests and optimizes call routing to direct your customers to the right service. IVR call distribution offers one or more routing options.

Why implement an IVR?

Setting up an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) offers several key advantages:

  • Improving callreception efficiency
  • Optimizing customer care
  • 24/7 information availability
  • Significant reduction in call management costs
  • Reinforcing the company’s image of professionalism

How does the Interactive Voice Response answer the call?

The Interactive Voice Response or IVR system is an automated function of the telephony system that interacts with callers and collects information by offering them choices via a menu.

It then executes actions based on the caller’s answers via the phone keypad or voice response.

What is speech recognition? Why is it important for IVR?

Speech recognition refers to a system’s ability to detect human speech and understand the meaning of what is being said. In the context of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, callers are invited to respond with one or more words, such as “yes”, “no” or “account”, and are then directed to the appropriate menu or agent.

In a more traditional IVR menu, callers respond using their phone keypad. With speech recognition, multiple user intentions can be identified in a single sentence, without the need for multiple menu choices. This significantly reduces the time spent processing the request.

For whom is the IVR solution for?

The IVR system is designed for companies and contact centers that receive incoming calls.

IVR technology helps these companies manage large numbers of inbound calls by automatically routing them to the right people, rather than relying on a receptionist who may struggle to cope with call peaks.

At the same time, callers are able to reach the right advisors more quickly.

What is self-service or self-care?

Self-service options, often referred to as “self-care” in customer relations, empower customers to access the right information at the right time, independently, thanks to automated responses. Instead of enduring long wait times, customers receive contextualized, nearly instantaneous feedback through voice synthesis or a bot.

Intelligent IVRs facilitate this self-care approach. These self-service solutions provide several benefits:

  • Minimal waiting time for customers on the phone
  • Reduced queue congestion
  • More agent availability for complex requests
  • A personalized customer experience

How do you set up an IVR?

The implementation of Diabolocom’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is managed by a project manager who works closely with the customer to develop an optimized strategy. This collaboration creates a flexible environment tailored to craft personalized customer journeys. Our integrations with CRM and enterprise tools allow for the exploitation of specific data, enhancing task identification and automation.

A standout feature of Diabolocom’s IVR is its user-friendly graphical interface, which simplifies management without requiring deep technical knowledge. The system uses interconnected action blocks, making it easy to perform operations like audio file exchanges independently. This modular approach allows for extensive customization and flexibility in configuring customer paths, thereby optimizing the user experience.