Our Quality Monitoring to Automate 100% of your Evaluations

Automate the analysis of all your interactions with our AI-powered quality monitoring solution, and take the right actions to improve your quality.

Automated evaluations thanks to quality monitoring

Enhanced Evaluation Criteria and Time Efficiency

Elevate quality monitoring with our AI technology: assess all agent interactions impartially, surpassing the constraints of traditional methods that only review a handful of calls each quarter.

Our system guarantees uniform analysis, bypassing the time-intensive and flawed evaluations of the past. Boost performance and service excellence with Diabolocom’s innovative solution, reshaping the standard for assessments.

Our quality monitoring tool allows you to set up scroring of agents and their performance.

Integrating Manual Evaluation Criteria

Our approach merges AI with hands-on supervision, allowing managers to enhance quality monitoring with bespoke criteria. Yet, the nuanced expertise of human evaluators is irreplaceable for critical decisions, such as bonus allocation.

Complex processes, especially those involving back-office tools, demand a blend of AI and human judgment. This combination of automated AI evaluations and manual assessments ensures thorough and informed decision-making.

Combine manual supervision with human evaluation for relevant quality monitoring

Customizable Dashboards for Enhanced Quality Monitoring

Gain access to tailor-made dashboards for all your operational needs, reflecting the specific evaluations conducted for your quality monitoring.

Whether your agents are organized into distinct teams or engaged in various tasks, our solution enables the creation of diverse reports and their integration into comprehensive dashboards. Experience a clear overview of your agents’ performance throughout your selected timeframe, empowering you to make the necessary adjustments to elevate service quality.

Customized dashboards and reporting for quality monitoring

Versatile Implementation

Enjoy complete versatility in creating your evaluation forms, from selecting individual criteria to the overall deployment process.

You can assign multiple forms to a single agent, tailored to their specific activities and other factors.

Leveraging Diabolocom workflows, as well as being compatible with other CCaaS platforms, our solution facilitates top-tier quality monitoring across your entire organization.

Our flexible solution makes quality monitoring easy to deploy

With Diabolocom's Artificial Intelligence solution


decrease in time required to gather customer context


cost savings on post-call processing


decrease in customer churn rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is quality monitoring in customer relations?

Quality monitoring in customer relations is the process of systematically evaluating interactions between agents and customers. It aims to ensure compliance with quality standards, identify areas for improvement, and guarantee an optimal customer experience.

Why is quality monitoring important in customer relationship management?

It is crucial to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, identifying and correcting service shortcomings, training and developing agents’ skills, and ultimately strengthening customer loyalty and trust in the brand.

How do you set up an effective quality monitoring system?

To set up an effective system, clearly define your quality standards, use appropriate tools and technologies to analyze interactions, train your teams to these standards, and establish regular feedback and continuous improvement processes.

What key performance indicators (KPIs) should be monitored as part of quality monitoring?

Key KPIs include customer satisfaction rate (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), first contact resolution rate (FCR), average response time, and communication quality (clarity, empathy, efficiency).

How can customer feedback be integrated into the quality monitoring process?

Integrate customer feedback by regularly collecting evaluations and comments via post-interaction surveys and follow-up calls, and use this data to adjust your quality criteria and training courses.

How can Diabolocom's artificial intelligence technology improve quality monitoring?

Diabolocom AI improves quality monitoring by automating large-scale interaction analysis, identifying trends and anomalies in the data, providing real-time insights for corrective action, and personalizing the customer experience.

How can quality monitoring data be used to continuously improve customer relations?

Use the data collected to identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses in your customer interactions. Develop targeted action plans to improve agent skills, optimize service processes and policies, and adjust your offering in line with customer needs and expectations. The key is continuous analysis and adaptation based on concrete data for constant improvement in customer relations.