Categorizing your calls with generative AI

Categorize your calls with intelligent call tags and adapt processing time for each call.

Intelligent call tags and productivity gains

Let generative artificial intelligence classify and categorize interactions according to unbiased criteria that meet your business constraints. By understanding the user’s intention from the voice, our call tags facilitate the prioritization and routing of calls to dedicated services.

Actions based on customer knowledge

Identify your customers’ recurring trends and problems so you can be proactive in resolving them.

Utilize call tags to enhance your CRM with customer knowledge and streamline communication categorization.

Leverage AI-supported analysis of past interactions to innovate your business processes.

Improve your prospecting

Be more efficient in your outbound call campaigns with call tags. Categorize your contacts, identify the right people and track their progress through the conversion tunnel.

Achieve a more targeted and impactful acquisition strategy with Diabolocom’s AI solution.

Increase the productivity of your contact center

Handle more calls in less time with call tags. Automate tedious tasks with Diabolocom AI and reduce your teams’ Average Handling Time (AHT) and post-call handling time.

Dedicate your most skilled agents to the most appropriate call categories. Identify areas for improvement and effectively train your resources.

With Diabolocom's Artificial Intelligence solution


decrease in time required to gather customer context


cost savings on post-call processing


decrease in customer churn rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a call tag? What does it look like?

A call tag is a label or marker utilized in call management systems to classify and identify the content or subject of a telephone call. These tags often take the form of keywords or short phrases assigned automatically or manually to each call, facilitating the sorting, analysis and follow-up of conversations. They utilize artificial intelligence to identify the caller’s intent.

Why use call tags?

Call tags are used to improve call management in a contact center. They enable better organization of calls, rapid analysis of trends and recurring problems, and make it easier to search and filter recorded calls. This helps deliver faster, more targeted customer service.

How do I use Diabolocom's call categorization?

To use Diabolocom’s call categorization, you can integrate the solution with your call center or use Diabolocom’s APIs. The system uses AI to analyze the content of conversations and automatically assigns relevant tags. Agents can also add or modify tags manually. Training and familiarization with the Diabolocom interface are essential for effective use.

How does call categorization affect the customer experience?

Call categorization improves the customer experience by enabling a faster, more accurate response to their queries. Tags help agents quickly identify the purpose of the call and access the necessary information. This reduces waiting time and increases customer satisfaction.

Can call categorization be customized to meet specific business needs?

Diabolocom’s call categorization system offers customization options. Companies can create tags specific to their products, services, or customer support needs, enabling finer adaptation to their operating model.

How to measure the effectiveness of call categorization in a contact center?

The effectiveness of call categorization can be measured by analyzing several key indicators, such as reduced average call handling time, improved customer satisfaction (measured by surveys or NPS scores), reduced call routing errors, and increased problem resolution efficiency. Periodic analyses of the most frequently used tags can also provide information on trends and areas requiring further attention.