Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Integrate a telephony service natively into your CRM and exploit the data collected in real time.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice interface

Intégrez vos appels téléphoniques avec Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Streamline your call management directly within Salesforce using Salesforce Service Cloud Voice! Make your agents’ jobs easier by enabling them to place and receive calls right from the agent console, without ever having to leave Salesforce. Plus, get instant access to customer data.

Explore a user-friendly, omnichannel, all-in-one solution.

Phone call integration with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Unify data and communication channels

Easily bring all your communications—phone, SMS, email, social media, and chat—into one place with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. Offer your agents a complete, 360-degree view of customer interactions for seamless omnichannel management, creating an unmatched customer experience.

Make every touchpoint a chance to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice enhances omnichannel management

Automate and accelerate with artificial intelligence

Harness the power of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice combined with artificial intelligence to instantly transcribe conversations, offer agents context-specific suggestions automatically, and analyze phone interactions to keep elevating your customer service quality. Utilize our AI models to extract valuable insights from your calls logged in Salesforce.

AI speeds up interaction management on Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Manage your calls differently

Give your supervisors the upper hand with real-time tools to oversee calls, step in when needed, and provide constructive feedback based on agent performance through Omni Supervisor features.

Dramatically enhance the training and support your service team receives.


Omni-Channel Supervisor functionality for improved performance monitoring

Customers worldwide


Years of voice expertise


Native Salesforce integration

Diabolocom phone system integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud to provide a more personalized customer experience

Real-time cards

Personalize your customer interaction with an instant screen pop contact card. Access customer information and caller account history before picking up the call.

CRM-based intelligent routing

Salesforce CRM Data is used to qualify, prioritize and route your calls.


Start any outbound call with the click-to-dial feature. Directly handle incoming call pop-ups on your screen.

Outbound Call Center Software-outgoing call numbers

Data & report

Real-time feedback, call tracking and recording, reporting with data analytics to improve call center performance and management.


Automate various requests and save time and energy on managing your customer’s data.

Contact card and object display

Display pop-ups on Salesforce custom and standard features for a better agent experience.

External Routing for Omni-Channel

Integrate external routing for omnichannel using Salesforce standard APIs and streaming APIs. This feature is supported in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

APIs library

Experience Salesforce and Diabolocom’s choice of APIs to elevate your customer interactions.

Native integration with High Velocity Sales (HVS)

By coupling HVS with your phone system, you can easily create cadences to structure your customer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Salesforce Service Cloud Voice integrate with Diabolocom?

The integration of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Diabolocom is based on the use of a library of public APIs provided by Salesforce. This approach enables Diabolocom, as a voice software vendor, to develop a sophisticated integration directly into Service Cloud Voice using these APIs. 

One of the key features of this integration is the incorporation of the voice management banner within the Salesforce Omnichannel banner. This means that calls are managed directly in Salesforce’s Omnichannel banner, which then redirects calls to Diabolocom via the APIs mentioned. Diabolocom operates as a back-office application, enabling a seamless, integrated user experience.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice integration for a contact center?

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice integration boosts contact centers by enabling the creation of personalized workflows and efficient call routing directly in Salesforce, optimizing the management of customer interactions.

What's the difference between Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Open CTI?

Open CTI enables telephony vendors to integrate a call management banner into Salesforce, known as the “CTI banner”. This facilitates flexible, customizable call integration, and enables the full functionality of the telephony solution to be used. In Open CTI mode, the CTI banner coexists with Salesforce’s “Omnichannel banner”. The two panels interact through status synchronization and routing delegation.

In contrast, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice offers a more integrated and sophisticated approach, incorporating call management directly into Salesforce’s “Omnichannel Band” via APIs, for a unified and enriched user experience. This latest solution leverages Salesforce’s advanced capabilities, including artificial intelligence via Einstein Intelligence, to analyze interactions and deliver valuable insights, optimizing decision-making and operational efficiency. It also takes advantage of “Supervisor Omni” for an omnichannel vision.