Cloud call center software augmented by AI

Prioritize and optimize inbound and outbound call flows. Boost your business ROI and enhance your service quality with Diabolocom’s cutting-edge call center software and proprietary AI.

Gain 360° control with your call center software

Diabolocom brings comprehensive expertise as a telecom operator, CCaaS infrastructure provider, hosting service, and integration specialist. Our 100% cloud solution aligns with the latest market innovations, offering you cutting-edge technology.

Integrated directly into your call center software or accessible via API, our AI features boost agent productivity every day. Available on a private cloud in Europe, our software ensures global accessibility through a hybrid cloud model.

Manage inbound and outbound calls with Diabolocom call center software

Your call center software’s interactive voice response (IVR) system optimizes the customer experience, reduces waiting time, and increases first-contact resolution. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures simplified routing, considering your agents’ availability and skills, for efficient call management.

Your inbound and outbound interactions are managed seamlessly. With automatic answering machine detection, your call center software increases your teams’ reachability and productivity.

Your call center software integrated with your tools

Seamlessly integrate your call center software with your information system, either natively or through API. We support you from A to Z for rapid call center software integration and long-term support at an optimized cost.

A unified interface enables smoother agent work: centralized data, consolidated interaction views, and key information access. The customer experience is enhanced thanks to better customer knowledge, personalized interactions, and reduced response times.

Proactive performance monitoring with your call center software

Proactively manage your operations and make informed decisions. Real-time supervision from your call center software enables supervisors to react immediately in the event of a spike in calls or a customer at risk.

Dashboards offer intuitive visualization of KPIs, making it easy to understand overall call center performance. Statistics provide business metrics and simplify in-depth analysis of call center strengths and areas for improvement.

Call center software, your indispensable tool

Increase your agents’ operational efficiency and comfort with the support of our IAs and an integrated intelligent routing system. Offer your customers self-care functionalities to respond to their simple requests autonomously and anytime.

Measure your results in your call center software with a unified view of your KPIs: DMT, waiting time, QoS, NPS… Our call center software is an agile, ergonomic solution for your advisors and supervisors. Thanks to the support of our teams, you have the keys to using it effectively.

  • "Since the integration of Diabolocom, we have doubled our outbound call volumes. All of our call center advisors and managers were able to use all of the tool's features without delay. Diabolocom: a true partner."
    Olivier Flattet
    Head of Prospects Call Center

Diabolocom call center software features

AI features

Leverage advanced AI features like call transcription, summarization, categorization, next action prediction, and quality monitoring to enhance your service.

Your agents are supported in their tasks and save significant time handling calls.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Streamline call sorting with customizable interactive voice menus.

Our call center software’s IVR uses the information the caller provides to qualify each call so that it is directed to the correct queue.

Automatic call distributor (ACD)

Efficiently manage incoming calls with our sophisticated Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) system.

Our call center software-integrated ACD distributes incoming calls according to your predefined criteria, such as :

  • call volume
  • available and competent agents
  • call origin (prefixes)
  • any other criteria relevant to your business

Our ACD system ensures optimal queue management and automatic distribution of calls to the most appropriate agent in real-time.

Intelligent dialing modes

Our integrated dialers support various dialing modes, catering to diverse call campaign needs (progressive, predictive, preview, power dialer, etc.).

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Optimize workflows by integrating our call center software with your CRM, ERP, and other key business systems through Diabolocom CTI.

Your agents work more efficiently thanks to a unified interface that includes features such as :

  • automatic upload of customer files
  • click-to-call” functionality
  • call history

Supervision and analysis tools

Empower supervisors with real-time monitoring of KPIs through our comprehensive reporting tools, dashboards, and analytics.

In addition to this, our call center software enables agents to be coached in real-time, thanks to discreet listening, whispering, and three-way conferencing. Conversation archives are also available for post-call feedback.

Diabolocom Awarded the 2024 AI Innovation Prize

The 2024 Product Leadership Award for AI Innovation, presented by Frost & Sullivan, highlights Diabolocom’s unique approach in the field of AI applied to customer relations. Our innovations are designed to meet market quality standards and your specific use cases.

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2024 AI Innovation Prize

Frequently Asked Questions

What is call center software?

Call center software, or contact center software, is a company’s solution for managing inbound and outbound calls. It integrates various tools and functionalities to maximize the efficiency of call campaigns and the management of call flows in real-time.

What is cloud call center software?

Cloud call center software is an advanced technological solution that enables companies to manage their contact center without the need for physical infrastructure such as servers. Thanks to the cloud and VoIP (voice over IP), this technology offers a complete, integrated call center infrastructure, eliminating the need for lengthy integration projects and reliance on incompatible tools.

What features does call center software offer?

Key features of call center software include :

  1. IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Qualifies incoming calls with voice menus to direct calls to the appropriate queue.
  2. ACD (Automatic Call Distributor): Allows automatic routing of incoming calls to appropriate agents or departments based on criteria such as call volume and call origin. This system also manages call queuing and distribution.
  3. Dialing Engine / Power Dialer: Offers several automatic dialing modes to adapt to different types of call campaigns.
  4. CTI (Couplage Téléphonie-Informatique): Integrates call management functionalities into business tools, such as CRM, with automatic customer file feedback and click-to-call features.
  5. Supervision and Analysis Tools: Provide activity statistics and tools for real-time monitoring of performance indicators, double listening, and call recording.

What types of business are call center software designed for?

Call center software is used by a variety of corporate departments to improve communication and customer management, including :

  1. Customer service: managing customer requests and assistance.
  2. Technical support: Help with technical or product-related problems.
  3. Sales: Prospecting, lead management, and sales follow-up.
  4. Appointment management: Scheduling and management of appointments in various sectors.
  5. Debt collection: Management of payment reminders.

These programs offer features such as automatic call distribution, recording, and integration with other systems such as CRM.

What are the benefits of call center software?

The benefits of call center software such as that offered by Diabolocom include :

  1. Agility: teams can be easily configured and resized in just a few clicks, adapted to operational needs and sales priorities, regardless of where employees are based.
  2. Improved operational performance: Increased team efficiency thanks to coupling with CRM and better call qualification, resulting in lower abandonment rates, higher agent occupancy, and improved customer satisfaction.
  3. Continuous optimization: Global view of call centers with real-time statistics, KPI tracking, and supervision tools for optimized management.
  4. Cost reduction: Versatile solution adapted to changing needs in terms of functionality, number of users, and volume of communications, enabling cost control.
  5. Improved sales: Increased sales thanks to the various functionalities offered by the solution, such as call scripts, VIP customer prioritization, and web lead tracking, all of which help boost your sales.
  6. Advanced features: rapid implementation, easy to set up and use, campaign automation, telephony-computer coupling, integration with CRM and management systems, dynamic call scripting, PCI DSS-certified telephone payment IVR, and real-time monitoring and control.

How can call center software help improve customer relations KPIs?

Call center software improves customer relations KPIs in several ways:

  1. Response rate: Thanks to the advanced routing of incoming calls, this software reduces waiting time and increases the response rate by quickly directing calls to available agents, thus boosting the Quality Score.
  2. Average handling time (AHT): They offer dashboards for monitoring calls and optimizing processes, thus reducing average call handling time.
  3. First Contact Resolution Rate: By efficiently routing calls to the most qualified agents, these software programs promote fast, accurate resolution of queries on first contact, improving the resolution rate.
  4. Customer satisfaction: They provide an overview of customer interactions, enabling supervisors to evaluate and improve the quality of customer service via NPS or CSAT, helping to increase customer satisfaction.
  5. Call abandonment rate: By effectively managing queues and optimizing call distribution, this software helps reduce call abandonment rates. They improve reachability by reducing waiting time and optimizing call routing, thus enhancing communication and customer satisfaction.
  6. Each company focuses on specific indicators and defines KPIs adapted to its activity. For example, for companies operating outbound calls, Diabolocom’s call center software relies on call log statistics, reachability, and the times when customers are most likely to answer, as well as the volume of numbers reported as SPAM.

What sets Diabolocom's call center software apart?

Diabolocom’s call center software, characterized by its advanced use of cloud and VoIP technologies, stands out for its ability to customize and centrally manage communications and its hosting on a European cloud. It offers complete control over incoming and outgoing data, while offering exceptional ease of integration. Ergonomic and intuitive, this call center software is easy to use by business teams, optimizing their efficiency. As a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, it enables agents to work without geographical constraints, whether in the office or telecommuting.