Automatic call summaries thanks to AI

Diabolocom’s artificial intelligence generates call summaries to efficiently synthesize contact center conversations. Save your agents valuable time by generating automatic call and e-mail summaries.

Perfect understanding of natural language with NLP

Diabolocom’s artificial intelligence is based on algorithms able to process natural language., making it easy to transcribe and generate automatic call summaries. Our AI solution assimilates the meaning of conversations and their intentions, distinguishes  the subtleties of emotions and, provides sentiment analysis.

An exhaustive, complete, and synthetic summary of calls and messages

Don’t miss any more information on your customer calls by using Diabolocom’s automatic call summary. Our solution summarizes the essential elements to identify the caller, the call, the purpose and the customer context.

Our solution summarizes key information and suggests post-call actions, reducing processing time by 50%.*

Reducing costs and improving the customer experience

Discover how to combine cost savings with quality! Our AI automatic call summarization solution is your trump card for reducing costs while boosting the customer experience. Imagine: fast, accurate summaries, without any additional effort required from your teams. The result? Less time spent on calls, and post-call time, more savings, and delighted customers with unparalleled understanding and responsiveness. It’s innovation at the service of your performance and customer satisfaction.

Ready to transform the customer experience in your call center?

Standardizing operating procedures

Say goodbye to inconsistent and incomplete call summaries. Transform your call center into a uniformly efficient machine with our automatic call summary tool. Every conversation is transformed into a perfect, identically structured summary, regardless of the agent. Your language becomes uniform and clear for improved follow-up.

No more errors, omissions or complicated turns of phrase! Our AI summaries ensure outstanding customer follow-up and a seamless user experience. for an unrivaled level of customer service!

With Diabolocom's Artificial Intelligence solution


decrease in time required to gather customer context


cost savings on post-call processing


decrease in customer churn rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automatic call summarization? How does it work?

Automatic call summarization is an artificial intelligence-based technology that analyzes telephone conversations and extracts key points to create a concise summary. It works by using natural language processing algorithms to understand and interpret call content, identifying important information and synthesizing it into a readable format.

What are the benefits of automatic call summarization for contact centers?

Benefits include improved agent efficiency by reducing the time spent manually summarizing calls, reduced operational costs, better management of customer information, and increased customer service quality thanks to a rapid and accurate understanding of customer needs and problems.

Is automatic call summarization compatible with all telephone systems?

Compatibility depends on the specific solution used. In the case of Diabolocom, the solution is available via API, so if the customer service department has a recording, it’s perfectly possible to use Diabolcom AI to summarize a call from that recording.

How do you guarantee the accuracy of AI-generated summaries?

Accuracy is improved by continuously training the AI algorithms with large amounts of quality data. Diabolocom uses proprietary technology refined specifically for customer relations. Automatic control, feedback and manual correction mechanisms can also be integrated to refine AI models and improve their accuracy over time.

Can automatic call summarization identify customer emotions or tone?

The current call summarization system is able to understand satisfaction and irritation information, but this is not its core functionality and is something that can come up if it is particularly present during the call.

However, the call summary feature does not offer rhythm or speech rate analysis, or tone analysis.

Can summary settings be customized for different call types?

Yes, many solutions allow you to customize summary parameters to suit different call types, business sectors or specific company needs.

Are automatic call summaries secure, and do they respect data confidentiality?

The generation of automatic call summaries takes as input data only the transcript and metadata of the call, as well as the company context, which is defined in advance. The algorithm’s information is limited and not very sensitive. Automatic call summaries are therefore secure and respect data confidentiality.

How does the automatic call summarization tool adapt to different dialects or accents?

The automatic call summary is based on information from the transcription, which is based on voice recognition during the call. The speech recognition algorithm has been trained to understand several languages and dialects with different accents. However, it is possible to encounter difficulties with certain types of corpus or voices. The solution to these difficulties is to re-train the algorithms on particular data corpora.