CSR at Diabolocom

At Diabolocom, innovation pairs with social responsibility to pioneer sustainable change, aligning technology with ethics for a brighter future. Join our purpose-driven journey towards making a meaningful impact.

Our Approach

Acting for the Present and Our Common Future

At Diabolocom, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is the core of everything we do. We ambitiously pursue social and ecological objectives, diligently tracking our progress. Our adherence to the United Nations Global Compact’s ten principles, along with our alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, underscores our dedication to fostering a more responsible and equitable future.

Building Connections: Diabolocom's Culture of Team Engagement and Well-Being

At Diabolocom, our employees are the heartbeat of our operations. We firmly believe that a company’s true wealth is its workforce, and we’re dedicated to enhancing our team’s professional journey every day. Embracing a culture of workplace well-being, we actively host internal events to foster community and connection among our team. Highlights include our annual team-building, collective participation in sporting events, and monthly after-work gatherings. These moments of conviviality allow us to come together and meet in a less formal setting.

Our results


Gender Equality Index

Diabolocom scored 92/100 on the professional equality index. This index assesses the differences within companies between men and women. The higher the score, the better the result. The national average was 88/100 in 2023, compared to 86/100 in 2022.



Recruiting employees on the basis of equal opportunities, favoring young profiles, recruiting talents from all over the world, and encouraging the integration of foreign employees. More than 16 nationalities are represented at Diabolocom.



In choosing our data centers to host our infrastructure, we particularly considered the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of these facilities. On average, our various data centers have a PUE of 1.19.

What We Plan to Go Further

Mastering Our Environmental Impact

Our goal is to precisely quantify and effectively manage the environmental footprint of our activities through a comprehensive Carbon Assessment, covering scopes 1, 2, and 3. To significantly reduce Diabolocom’s carbon impact, we will develop and deploy targeted action strategies aimed at tangibly and measurably reducing our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (for example, this involves purchasing state-of-the-art equipment and recycling existing equipment that is obsolete).

Engaging in a Progressive Approach

By participating in the annual EcoVadis assessments, we affirm our commitment to a process of continuous improvement, thus laying the foundation of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. These evaluations allow us to precisely define our sustainable development goals and direct our actions towards increasingly responsible and ethical practices.

Our Commitments

UN Global Compact

Diabolocom adheres to the United Nations Global Compact for its commitment to respecting the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and more broadly to the goals of the United Nations.

Annual EcoVadis Evaluations

Diabolocom uses the EcoVadis platform for the evaluation of its CSR approach. Diabolocom obtained a score of 48/100 in February 2024.

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