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  • Ease of use and quick deployment
  • Premium call quality
  • Native integration with your CRMs

Improve call processing time

Improve your call processing rate in a set amount of time with Diabolocom call center software. Identify calls with IVR and route them to advisors with the right technical skills to achieve first call resolution, key to customer satisfaction. At the same time, improve the standard of responses to every customer, including during peak times, with Diabolocom call center software features.

Customer service software highly scalable- Diabolocom

Improve prospection, sales and loyalty

Call qualification and client reachability are key to prospecting, sales and customer loyalty. The digital automation of calls with the Diabolocom call center technology enables your advisors to:

  • Focus on the conversation with prospects or customers.
  • Build on computer telephony integration (CTI) to create personalised pitches based on information centralised in the company’s CRM.

The Telemarketing Software from Diabolocom improves customer satisfaction