Voicebot for Contact Centers

Automate incoming calls to relieve agents and reduce waiting time for your customers.

A voicebot to automate incoming call processing

Instant Support Through Voicebot

Our voicebot empowers businesses across all industries to achieve unparalleled responsiveness.

Capable of managing an unlimited number of calls simultaneously, around the clock, it enhances your ability to handle high call volumes during peak periods while relieving your staff from repetitive, mundane tasks. Customers can consistently receive automated assistance or be smoothly transferred to an available representative, significantly reducing dissatisfaction and customer turnover.

Gain responsiveness with our voicebot

Advanced Natural Language Comprehension

Our voicebot leverages multilingual capabilities and semantic understanding, transcending the limitations of simple keyword recognition.

Eliminate the challenges posed by complex vocabularies or the need to anticipate specific phrases. Simply specify the intended actions, and our sophisticated natural language processing technology will adapt to each customer, ensuring a seamless interaction.

Our voicebot understands natural language and adapts to each customer

Simplified Voicebot Integration

Elevate the customer experience with our state-of-the-art voicebot. This intelligent IVR system seamlessly incorporates our robust features, delivering swift and precise responses. 

Experience the convenience of automated call routing to the most suitable agent and gain insights into customer intent, with dynamic adjustments through API integrations. Provide your customers with a service that stands out for its excellence and efficiency.

An easy-to-configure voicebot

Tailored Speech Synthesis

With our AI, each customer inquiry is met with a customized response, activated once their intent is understood. Our flexible scenario adapts on the fly to provide accurate information or take specific actions to address customer needs. 

Enhance your responses with our text-to-speech technology, where each word is carefully chosen for impact. Transform every customer interaction into an unforgettable encounter by delivering personalized responses tailored to each situation.

Our voicebot supports customizable text-to-speech

With Diabolocom's Artificial Intelligence solution


decrease in time required to gather customer context


cost savings on post-call processing


decrease in customer churn rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a voicebot?

A voicebot is a software agent capable of understanding and generating spoken natural language. It can interact with users via voice commands to provide answers, perform tasks, or guide users through various processes. Voicebots use speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and sometimes artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and respond appropriately to spoken requests.

Why use a voicebot?

Voicebots offer several benefits, including improved customer experience, 24/7 availability, reduced operational costs, and greater efficiency in managing customer requests. They enable rapid responses to frequently asked questions, free up human resources for more complex tasks, and improve accessibility for users with difficulty using traditional interfaces.

What languages is the voicebot available in?

The voicebot can be available in any language. The ability of a voicebot to operate in a specific language depends on the availability of training data and the sophistication of its language processing algorithm.

How can a voicebot be integrated into a company's current ecosystem?

Integrating a voicebot requires careful planning and can involve several stages:

  • Needs analysis: Identify the use cases and processes the voicebot needs to support.
  • Choice of platform: Select a voicebot development platform that integrates well with the company’s existing systems.
  • Development and customization: Configure and customize the voicebot according to specific needs, including creating dialog scripts and training on company-specific phrases.
  • Integration with existing systems: Connect the voicebot to databases, CRM, and other IT systems so it can access and manipulate the necessary information.
  • Testing and deployment: Test the voicebot in real-life conditions and adjust its configuration before full deployment.

Can the voicebot handle several calls simultaneously?

Yes, unlike human operators, a voicebot can handle a large number of calls simultaneously without degrading service quality. This ability to scale automatically makes voicebots an effective solution for managing peaks in customer service demand.

How does the voicebot deal with questions it can't answer?

When a voicebot is faced with a question it can’t answer, it can adopt several strategies:

  • Redirect the user to a human operator or other support channel.
  • Offer to search for information and return it to the user.
  • Admit inability to answer and provide general information or resources where the user can potentially find an answer.
  • Save the question for later analysis to improve the voicebot’s knowledge base.

Can we personalize the answers provided by the voicebot?

Yes, personalization is a key aspect of voicebot implementation. Diabolocom allows you to customize dialog scripts, responses, and tone of voice to suit your company’s specific needs and brand.

In which specific cases is the voicebot particularly useful?

Our voicebot offers a versatile and efficient solution for a variety of applications and operations applicable to all sectors. Here are just a few examples of where it excels:

  • Account statements and balance inquiries: Get instant access to your financial information without waiting.
  • Appointment booking and cancellation: Manage your appointments autonomously, without intermediaries.
  • Order tracking: Get the delivery date of your orders in an instant.
  • Stay information: Ask questions and receive details about your planned stay.

The voicebot simplifies these interactions, making services more accessible and enhancing the user experience.