Strengthen Customer Relations with your Business SMS Software

Use Diabolocom to manage your business SMS messaging, personalize interactions, automate processes, and boost your sales.

Diabolocom's cloud software enables you to build customer closeness with SMS messaging.

Improve your agents' efficiency with business SMS messaging

Enhance communication and information exchange with timely business SMS messages. By anticipating your customers’ queries, these SMS messages not only address their needs proactively but also save valuable time for your agents.

Streamline the processing of customer requests by integrating your SMS sending software with your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Choose which requests can be efficiently handled through self-service with business SMS messages.

Business SMS Software

Create a personalized customer journey with your SMS software

Send SMS messages before, during, and after interactions with your customers to meet and anticipate their expectations. Your SMS software integrates with your CRM or business tools for efficient, centralized management of interactions.

Efficiently leverage the data in your CRM to personalize your business SMS messages from existing scripts. Sending personalized SMS messages allows you to get closer to your customers, respond to their needs, and improve their overall experience.

Personalized customer journey with your SMS software

Automate the sending of your business SMS messages

Manage your marketing campaigns with SMS-sending software to capture the attention of prospects. Diversify your points of contact and increase your sales force’s reachability. If your prospect doesn’t answer the phone? Send a business SMS after the call attempt!

Automate the sending of business SMS messages to inform your customers about appointments, deadlines and more. Set up push SMS messages based on predefined criteria, eliminating the need for manual sending with your SMS software.

Marketing campaigns with SMS-sending software

Send your business SMS securely anywhere in the world

Utilize our SMS software to crafting international messages to accompany your customers globally. They’re concise, ensuring immediate access to essential information for your customers.

Guarantee that your messages are sent securely and reliably in response to your customers’ requests with the  Diabolocom SMS solution, which verifies your brand identity every time it is sent.

Business SMS securely anywhere in the world
  • "We are now able to reach more than 70% of our customers thanks to Diabolocom’s campaign tool management."
    Raphaël L'Yvonnet
    Contact Center Business Director

Discover Business SMS from Diabolocom

Discover the features of Diabolocom SMS sending software

Available worldwide

Stay connected with your global customers using the most robust SMS software available. Send personalized messages in any language while managing costs effectively.

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SMS campaigns

Easily send a large number of business SMS messages to your customers or prospects in just a few clicks. Utilize the built-in scenarios in  Diabolocom software to strategize your targeted SMS campaigns, whether informational or promotional.

SMS notifications

With Diabolocom’s push SMS software, you can alert your customers about appointment reminders, deliveries, and exclusive offers. Your company’s name is displayed on your customers’ phones, building trust and ensuring easy identification.

CRM integrations

Integrate your Diabolocom call center software to your CRM or trade tools in a few clicks such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow, etc.

Centralize and manage your customer data on a single interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business SMS?

A business SMS is a text message employed by companies to facilitate efficient communication with their customers, partners or employees. These messages typically maintain a more formal tone compared to personal SMS messages and are intended to align with the company’s business objectives or customer service.

What types of business SMS are available in Diabolocom's SMS solution?

Diabolocom’s business SMS solution enables you to send single SMS messages to your contacts before, during, and after the interaction, as well as SMS marketing campaigns. 

Diabolocom offers the following SMS types:

  • automated SMS, refers to a pre-written message pre-configured to be sent automatically
  • personalized SMS, with first name, surname, title, address, etc.
  • SMS written by the agent himself.

What are the advantages of SMS software for customer relations?

Business SMS, in addition to  traditional customer communication channels, proposes several advantages for customer relations. It promotes self-care, keeps customers informed of the status of their requests, facilitates contact due to its simplicity and independence from an Internet connection, and gathers customer feedback through satisfaction surveys. SMS notifications improve the customer experience by enhancing customer value and keeping them better informed.

How to start conversations with your customers using SMS?

Diabolocom allows SMS to be sent from its contact center solution, providing an efficient alternative to outbound calls. SMS complements the telephone system  enhancing customer service with its speed, convenience, and 24/7 accessibility. To effectively engage customers via SMS, it is recommended to prioritize::

  1. Clarity and conciseness: Keep your SMS messages short, simple, and easy to understand.
  2. Personalization: Incorporate the customer’s name and tailor the content based preferences and history.
  3. Special offers: Provide exclusive promotions to encourage engagement and boost sales.
  4. Professionalism: Maintain a tone that is both friendly and professional.
  5. SMS management software: Harness Diabolocom SMS software to manage SMS campaigns, track responses and personalize messages.

Why choose the SMS solution integrated into Diabolocom's call center software?

Diabolocom’s integrated SMS solution facilitates customer relations. Business SMS stands out as the fastest and most effective way to deliver a message. By integrating SMS functionality into your solution, you can offer local support and send targeted SMS campaigns.

How do I run an SMS campaign?

Diabolocom’s SMS solution empowers  you to design tailored  campaigns by incorporating different variables, using a template or leaving it up to the advisor to write a personalized SMS message for the customer. You can import your database of recipients and program the rhythm and speed of business SMS messages.

Why choose the Diabolocom SMS solution for your campaigns?

Diabolocom’s business SMS solution integrates with your existing business tools to send SMS messages to contacts targeted in your CRM. When you submit a A request sent to our solution, it will execute the sending of an SMS or SMS campaign with the desired message, at the desired date and time. Thanks to this automation, your interactions gain in efficiency and quality.

What does the future hold for SMS?

SMS remains a channel with proven effectiveness, as customers are more responsive and sensitive to it. Diabolocom is developing this channel to engage customers in more fluid conversations, thanks in particular to the Rich Communication Service protocol. With Diabolocom, use captivating RCS conversational messages and boost your sales.