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Webinar - Optimise your contact center with CRM integration

Discover all the good reasons to integrate CRM and contact center solutions to improve customer relations and sales, including, among others:

  • Customer recognition
  • Qualification and enrichment of the contact prior to distribution to agents (segmentation, skills management, dedicated agents, etc.)
  • Automatic customer record opening
  • Click-to-call management
  • Complete call management: agent activity status, call waiting, transfers, performance indicators, etc.

Mantrac Group : Superior customer service in 10 countries over 3 continents

  • Mantrac Group is the authorized Caterpillar dealer, distributing and supporting Caterpillar construction machines, power systems and material-handling equipment in ten countries spread over three continent.
  • Diabolocom, integrated with Salesforce, enables Mantrac inside sales team to provide superior customer service.
  • It makes the ISR manager able to manage a centralized supervision, even for a team spread over 3 continents. Since Mantrac has started using Diabolocom, all their call dropping and poor voice call quality issues have disapeared, benefiting from the Diabolocom expertise.