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Bouygues Immobilier boosts call center productivity by 50% thanks to Diabolocom and Salesforce integration

Bouygues Immobilier was awarded the prize for Best Customer Service of the Year 2024.

By integrating the Diabolocom solution, Bouygues Immobilier has seen a significant improvement in the quality of its customer service. This has been reflected in improved agent efficiency, increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Bouygues Immobilier, a leader in its value chain

Founded in 1952, Bouygues Immobilier is a French industrial conglomerate with a diverse portfolio that includes construction, hotels, media, and telecoms. Renowned for executing large-scale projects with innovation and a strong commitment to sustainable development, the group has established a significant footprint in the real estate sector. Operating with a workforce of 1,600, spread across 31 branches and 4 subsidiaries, Bouygues Immobilier offers comprehensive services across the entire real estate value chain, encompassing development, operation, and promotion.

A new solution to meet new objectives

Bouygues Immobilier set its sights on enhancing its contact center, focusing on better routing of interactions and boosting lead conversion, all while weaving a CRM system into the mix for slick customer data handling. Their ambition was to supercharge productivity by a whopping 50%, elevate service quality by 10%, and significantly uplift advisor well-being. By cutting down waiting times, amplifying customer satisfaction, and seizing every sales chance with the savvy use of Business Intelligence, they aimed to hit multiple targets with one arrow. Equipping their team with top-notch tools and refining work processes, Bouygues Immobilier was on a mission to foster a vibrant work atmosphere for its advisors, thereby cranking up sales effectiveness and customer service excellence.

Bouygues Immobilier’s vision: improving customer satisfaction

At Bouygues Immobilier, call center agents are pivotal, serving as the initial touchpoint for prospects and embodying the company’s voice. They craft the critical first impression and forge the early bonds with potential clients, setting the stage for what the company hoped to refine further. The goal was clear: to ensure prospects are swiftly and adeptly handed off to the sales teams, smoothing the path from initial engagement to firm commitment.

To achieve this, Bouygues Immobilier planned to roll out a cutting-edge telephony-computer integration (CTI) system, boasting both high efficiency and user-friendliness. This system was designed to not only cater to the pre-sales process by enabling effective lead qualification but also to support after-sales services with stellar customer follow-up.

The implementation of this advanced CTI technology was set to transform Bouygues Immobilier’s customer interactions, streamlining operations to be quicker, more agile, and tailored. By removing the friction between communication modes and melding telephony with customer databases and CRM applications, Bouygies Immobilier aimed to deliver a continuous, enriched customer journey, from the first hello to the final handshake and beyond.

Simplified CTI integration

Bouygues Immobilier was facing technical challenges in its call center, requiring solutions for call recording, integration with Salesforce, automatic lead management, and real-time tracking for managers. Diabolocom provided an effective response to these needs, offering a platform that facilitates the recording of interactions, synchronizes customer data with Salesforce, automates the addition of prospects to canvassing campaigns, and provides a real-time dashboard for performance monitoring.

Thanks to Diabolocom, Bouygues Immobilier was able to introduce innovations such as call blending and omnichannel communications (email & SMS), while controlling costs. This collaboration has improved customer management and the effectiveness of sales campaigns.


Bouygues Immobilier customer service quality recognized and awarded

Bouygues Immobilier has brilliantly won the title of “Best Customer Service 2024” in the “Property Development” category. The “Customer Service of the Year” award, also known by the acronym ESCDA, is given to companies that stand out for their excellence in customer service. It rewards those who exceed customer expectations by providing superior service, characterized by speed and the ability to generate complete satisfaction.
This recognition testifies to Bouygues Immobilier’s commitment to customer satisfaction, supported by cloud telephony solutions provided by Diabolocom.

With a team of around 40 sales and customer service agents, Bouygues Immobilier has demonstrated that the quality of customer service does not necessarily depend on the size of the team, but on its commitment and efficiency.

Bouygues Immobilier, once again, excels in omnichannel customer service management (sms & mail) thanks to Diabolocom, successfully covering inbound and outbound calls, while keeping costs under control.

Why did you choose Diabolocom?

Diabolocom offers an easy-to-use, agile contact center solution that supports scripting. The Diabolocom teams offer premium support to meet Bouygues Immobilier’s cost control objectives, rapid deployment with a high level of security and expertise.

Today, Diabolocom is used by various Bouygues Immobilier entities.

Number of agents: 40

Number of employees: 1,639

Sales: 2,116 billion euros
+50% increase in productivity

10% increase in service quality

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