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Carrefour Banque and Diabolocom: a trust-based partnership for successful customer relations

Carrefour Banque has embarked on an initiative to improve its customer relations and modernize its call center system. Catherine De Oliveira, Head of Workflow Management at Carrefour Banque & Assurance, shares her reasons for choosing Diabolocom.


Carrefour Banque’s main objectives were as follows:

  • Improve the customer experience by offering a more powerful and intuitive call center solution.
  • Migrate to a cloud solution for more flexible, scalable management of telephone flows for head office customer relations centers and branches.
  • Facilitate integration with other existing tools and systems, such as CRM and orchestrators.
  • Benefit from a solution capable of handling a large number of users and telephone flows, while offering a user-friendly interface for advisors.


Carrefour Banque was faced with a call center system that no longer effectively met their growing customer relationship needs. The challenge was to migrate quickly and efficiently to a modern, integrated, cloud-based solution, while ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing service interruptions.


To meet this challenge, Carrefour Banque chose Diabolocom as its cloud-based call center solution. Diabolocom offered the advanced features needed to enhance the customer experience, facilitate telephone flow management and ensure seamless integration with Carrefour Banque’s existing tools and systems.


The rapid 3-month deployment of Diabolocom at Carrefour Banque has produced significant results:

  • Users benefit from a high-performance, intuitive call center solution.
  • Migration to the cloud has enabled more flexible and scalable management of telephone flows for head office customer relations centers and branches.
  • The consultants quickly adopted the solution and were up and running in record time.

Why Diabolocom?

Carrefour Banque chose Diabolocom for a number of reasons:

  • Advanced features tailored to the specific needs of Carrefour Banque.
  • Seamless integration with existing tools and systems, such as CRM and orchestrators.
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use for advisors.
  • Diabolocom’s positive reputation and satisfactory feedback from other Carrefour Group companies.
  • Expert and available team.

"As far as the Diabolocom team is concerned, I'd say available and responsive: we're dealing with a team that's always listening; as soon as we have a question, a problem, we get a quick response."

Catherine De Oliveira - Head of Flow Management at Carrefour Banque & Assurance

Key figures

1160 users

900 advisors

160 agencies

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