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Inbound Calls
Self-service in customer relation

Gone are the days when the answers you got had nothing to do with your queries! From now on, it’s more like “anytime, anywhere, any device”: thanks to self-service, your customers get clear, relevant and immediate answers without speaking to an agent. How? Let’s clear it up!

Long live self-service!

Finding the answers to your questions without systematically going through customer service is a must for most of you. Whether you do it through an internet search or by phone, many of you want to obtain information from your end, on your own.  Self-service, customer self-service or selfcare, the result is the same: the customer is at the heart of the interaction.

Your customers save time
Tracking the status of your order has never been faster! Indeed, thanks to self-service, you get the right answer at the right time. Fast and efficient, your call management solution must allow you to have an excellent first contact resolution rate.

And your agents too!
Your agents’ time is precious. Thanks to the automation of some answers, contact centres receive fewer calls. This allows agents to focus on higher value-added tasks that require human contact.

Agent and selfcare are complementary!

As some interactions require more details, selfcare may not be enough. The customer must be able to be put in contact with an agent at any time, without having to repeat himself, in order to preserve the quality of the interactions. This goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction.

Customer data help agents
Thanks to Diabolocom’s native integration with your CRM and your business tools, your customers will no longer need to explain their situation once again on the phone. With record feedback, agents have access to all the information they need at a glance: access to the history of past interactions, regardless of the channel used, the choices made in the IVR, etc.

Speed, fluidity, efficiency: customer experience is augmented
Your customers choose the simplest and quickest solution to solve their problems. Self-service makes customer interactions easier while maximizing the customer experience across all communication channels.

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