Diabolocom’s Artificial Intelligence named French market leader by Frost & Sullivan Institute

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Artificial Intelligence
Diabolocom is the proud to receive the the 2024 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award for AI Innovation

Frost & Sullivan, renowned for identifying and evaluating global growth opportunities, awarded Diabolocom with the 2024 Product Leadership Award for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence in France.

This prestigious distinction is the outcome of a rigorous evaluation process conducted by Frost & Sullivan, which continuously assesses growth opportunities across various industries, technologies, and global regions.

This accolade underscores  Diabolocom’s accomplishments in applying AI  to customer relations and also highlights France’s position as an innovative and influential player in the global technology sector.

Diabolocom has been recognized for its ability to effectively address the new challenges and opportunities of AI in the customer relations sector.

A unique approach to customer relations, praised by Frost & Sullivan

  • Trained AI models for a better customer experience: Diabolocom has established itself as a significant entity in the field of customer relations. Its AI functionalities (transcription, categorization, call summary, sentiment analysis, voicebot) are specially designed for the sector. They help enhance data quality and automate lower value-added tasks, thereby optimizing efficiency.
  • Proprietary, high-performance technology at a controlled cost: Diabolocom has opted for the ambitious route of developing its proprietary AIs and its own LLMs, thereby controlling its entire roadmap and production chain. Diabolocom’s independence from American giants such as OpenAi, Microsoft and Google ensures low, scalable prices.
  • Sovereign development and secure data: technology developed in-house aligns with the stringent security requirements of sensitive data and corporate compliance, with storage on European soil.
  • Responsible and ethical models: the models created are optimized to meet the challenge of energy efficiency while guaranteeing high performance without any “black box” effect.

Rigorous award criteria

Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award for AI Innovation in France to Diabolocom is based on rigorous criteria, assessing product portfolio attributes and business impact.

Products must meet customer needs, be reliable and of superior quality, offer excellent value for money, stand out from the competition, and be innovatively designed to enhance appeal and ease of use.

The product must have a commercial impact based on good financial performance, efficient customer acquisition, strong operationality, customer-focused growth and engaged staff, leading to increased revenues, improved customer loyalty, and a strengthened brand.

This recognition underlines Diabolocom’s exceptional ability to combine innovation, quality and relevance to meet the demands of a fast-changing market.

About Frost & Sullivan: Founded in 1961, Frost & Sullivan is a consulting firm committed to researching and analyzing economic trends, emerging technologies and corporate growth strategies worldwide.

About Diabolocom: Diabolocom is a French company with global reach, offering a cloud-based customer interaction management solution for contact centers, sales teams and customer services. Since its creation in 2005, Diabolocom has invested in its own telecom operator and private cloud infrastructure. Today, Diabolocom is uniquely positioned thanks to the complete technological mastery of its cloud services. Thanks to data, Diabolocom enables companies to personalize the customer journey in real-time, automate business processes, and assist agents in their work. Diabolocom helps over 350 companies, including Carrefour, La Poste, EssilorLuxottica, and Leboncoin, build customer loyalty and acquire new ones.

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