All about CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)

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All about CCaaS - Contact Center as a Service

Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS is an all-in-one, cloud-based contact center management software solution. One of the main advantages of a CCaaS is its ability to centrally manage all prospect and customer dialogue channels: telephone, email, SMS, chat, voicebot…

In this article, we’ll explore in detail what CCaaS is and the key benefits of using Contact Center as a Service.

What is CCaaS?

A CCaaS is contact center management software with the distinctive feature of being cloud-based. CCaaS stands for “Contact Center as a Service”.

The acronym CCaaS is derived from the better-known term “SaaS” (Softwares as a Service), which refers to all software accessible from a browser and hosted in the cloud, as opposed to traditional “On Premise” software, which requires installation on the company’s servers.

Contact Center as a Service” software facilitates omnichannel customer relationship management. A CCaaS enables all customer interactions to be managed via a single interface, whatever the channel: telephone, sms, email, chats, social networks…

Unlike CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, a CCaaS focuses on the centralized management of customer support and telemarketing interactions.

What are the features of CCaaS software?

The main feature of CCaaS software is that it is hosted in the cloud. A CCaaS is hosted on remote servers and accessed by users via their web browser. No local installation is required.

Management of remote servers is generally delegated by the software publisher to a data center provider. This is not the case at Diabolocom, where our in-house teams manage the maintenance of the cloud infrastructure. This enables us to maintain total control over the security of the servers made available to our users. This is one of our key differentiators.

CCaaS software can be connected to other systems and software used by the company, via connectors or APIs. CCaaS software, like all SaaS software, offers better integration capabilities overall than traditional installable software. This is one of the reasons for the success of this distribution model.

The dominant business model used by CCaaS vendors is the subscription model. Software customers pay for a monthly or annual renewable license, the price of which is calculated according to the modules used and the number of users. This business model offers greater flexibility than the perpetual license model, and requires a lower initial investment by the client company.

The three characteristics of a CCaaS are :

  • One use: omnichannel management of customer interactions.
  • A distribution model: the cloud.
  • A subscription-based business model.

The three characteristics of a CCaaS are: omnichannel management, cloud-based distribution and a subscription-based system.

8 advantages of CCaaS solutions

Let’s explore the key benefits of CCaaS solutions for customers and businesses alike.

Benefit 1: Centralized interaction management for a better customer experience

CCaaS software is designed to improve the management of customer interactions across the company’s various dialogue channels. By centralizing interactions, agents can offer customers a homogeneous, consistent experience, whatever the contact point in the customer journey and whatever the channel used.

Centralizing interactions also means centralizing data, which enables more personalized exchanges with prospects and customers.

Benefit 2: An ergonomic, customizable agent interface

With CCaaS software, your agents benefit from an intuitive, adaptable interface designed to optimize their efficiency and work comfort. No need to use 4 or 5 tools in combination, all the information and functionalities your agents need to manage customer interactions are accessible on a single interface. This allows your agents to concentrate on the essentials, namely managing and personalizing exchanges.

The interface offered by CCaaS software can be customized to better meet users’ objectives and expectations. It is possible, for example, to customize the information displayed in reports, as well as the organization of contact records and most other screens offered by the software.

The use of CCaaS software thus helps to improve productivity and the quality of experience for contact center agents.

Benefit 3: Optimized routing

Contact Center as a Service software integrates advanced features to manage the routing of incoming contact flows to the right agents, according to criteria linked to individual skills, availability, product expertise, language…

This not only ensures a rapid and competent response to customer requests, but also reduces waiting times, helping to increase customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

Optimized routing also provides the ability to manage resources more efficiently, by allocating skills where they are most needed and dynamically adapting teams according to the volume and type of requests.

Benefit 4: Reduced costs

CCaaS software is less expensive than “On Premise” software for several reasons:

  • Deployment is simpler and much less costly. No hardware investment is required, as the CCaaS software is hosted on the publisher’s servers.
  • Corrective and enhancement maintenance is also managed by the software publisher, who is responsible for server availability and security.
  • Software is invoiced according to usage (activated functions and number of users). In this way, invoicing is tailored to the company’s needs, and evolves flexibly as these needs change. The subscription model also makes it possible to spread payment over time (monthly).

For all these reasons, adopting Contact Center as a Service software reduces deployment and operating costs.

Benefit 5: Greater flexibility & scalability

CCaaS software offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of scalability, being able to adapt perfectly to the changing needs of your business. Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations in your business, CCaaS solutions can easily adjust to meet demand.

You can easily increase (or reduce) the number of users, the functional scope used, the channels activated…The flexibility of the Contact Center as a Service software business model makes it easy to scale your business.

Benefit 6: Optimized human resources management

CCaaS enables better management of human resources

CCaaS software makes it easy to manage human resources in your contact center. With advanced features such as agent performance tracking and real-time activity monitoring, you have the tools you need to monitor and optimize your team’s efficiency.

Having accurate performance data enables you to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching to develop your agents’ skills.

What’s more, by automating certain administrative tasks, CCaaS software frees up your time to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

Benefit 7: Software updated in real time

CCaaS solutions update automatically. Updates are managed by the software publisher. This background management means that your company can concentrate on what’s essential (using the tool) and benefit from software that remains at the cutting edge of innovation (regular deployment of new functions, new channels, adaptations to new regulations, etc.).

Automatic update propagation is one of the major advantages of distributed SaaS cloud solutions over traditional software.

Benefit 8: Optimized safety and compliance

CCaaS software applies advanced security standards, guaranteeing protection of the data hosted on the servers: data encryption, two-factor authentication, continuous threat monitoring, etc.

Let’s add that Contact Center as a Service software is designed by design to comply with data management standards and regulations. We’re thinking in particular of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

CCaaS is designed to comply with RGPD standards and regulations

Special features of Diabolocom CCaaS

The CCaaS software developed by Diabolocom offers all the advantages described in the previous section, plus the following.

Unified user experience

To make your agents’ work easier, Diabolocom’s CCaaS platform centralizes all your communication channels, including the most modern ones: phone, email, sms, chat, but also social networks, chatbot and voicebot.

All customer interactions can be managed from a single, customizable interface.

Quick to set up

The Diabolocom platform has been designed with ease of implementation and use in mind. It can be deployed rapidly, so you can manage interactions with your prospects and customers autonomously and personalized as quickly as possible.

Call quality

We are both a software publisher and a telecom operator. Diabolocom’s technical infrastructure enables our users to benefit from optimum stability and voice quality, whatever the nature of their incoming or outgoing calls.

Computer-telephony coupling

Diabolocom’s teams have developed solutions to facilitate the coupling between our CCaaS platform and CRM software. We have designed connectors with the market’s leading CRM and enterprise software: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, Service Now, Oracle CX, Zendesk, HubSpot.

Coupling Diabolocom’s cloud phone system with your CRM software enables your sales and customer service teams to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, and to access all your customer CRM information from the Diabolocom interface. Computer telephony integration (CTI) offers many other advantages. Find out more on our Salesforce CTI page.

Agent and campaign performance monitoring

Diabolocom CCaaS software provides access to a wide range of indicators and reports, enabling managers and supervisors to monitor agent activity in detail. Analysis can be carried out at the level of individual agents or groups of agents. Last but not least, our platform integrates all contact center management functionalities: double listening, call recording, replay, etc.

Our software also lets you create dashboards to monitor the performance of ongoing campaigns.

Productivity gains

Diabolocom CCaaS includes numerous features to optimize your productivity, including :

  • Incoming call management: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voicebot, intelligent routing via your ACD (automatic call distributor)…
  • Outbound call management: personalized dialing modes (preview, progressive, predictive, automatic…), intelligent prioritization of calls and callbacks, CRM integration, answering machine detection (Diabolocom offers 97% reliability in answering machine detection), automatic campaign feed…

CCaaS boosts productivity through call management

AI enhancement

Diabolocom has developed a proprietary generative artificial intelligence to improve the productivity of users of our customer relationship management solutions. Diabolocom AI, hosted on a European cloud, is available in all languages and directly in our CCaaS software. It can be used in your other tools (CRM…) via API.

Here are three use cases for Diabolocom AI in contact center management:

  • Transcription of calls into text in any language, in real time (speech to text).
  • Automatic call or e-mail summaries to quickly and efficiently summarize the content of exchanges with your prospects and customers. Diabolocom’s generative AI summarizes the most important information and even suggests post-call actions.
  • Categorize calls using intelligent tags, facilitating call prioritization and routing

Le CCaaS Diabolocom est amélioré par l'IA et propose des fonctionnalités en plus


Now you know all you need to know about CCaaS. The high adoption rate of CCaaS in customer relationship centers is testimony to the success of this technology designed to facilitate contact center management.

The functional richness and flexibility of Diabolocom’s CCaaS allows us to adapt to the needs of all companies, whatever their size or sector of activity. To find out more, discover our platform and tell us about your needs, we invite you to book a demonstration.

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