3 good reasons to integrate your call center solution with Salesforce

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Your sales and customer service teams use Salesforce? Find out how integrating your contact center solution with Salesforce can increase your team’s productivity. Handling inbound calls and outbound call campaigns directly from Salesforce allows your teams to be more efficient at every stage of the interaction.

Before the interaction: reduce call center average wait time and increase customer satisfaction

Leverage all the data in Salesforce to optimize your call qualification. 

This initial qualification will automatically classify calls into two categories:

  • Simple requests: automate questions that don’t necessarily require an interaction with your agents! Thanks to self-service, your clients get an immediate, 24/7 answer, and your teams save time by automating time-consuming requests.
  • High-value inquiries: Prioritize and distribute calls to the most qualified agent based on the context and on all the data collected in Salesforce.

During the interaction: make your teams be more productive

To answer to their clients, agents often need access to information located in different databases such as Salesforce.
Without a CRM integration, your teams have to look for the right information manually, which implies time loss and more stress.

Having a call center solution integrated with Salesforce allows your sales and customer service teams to have all the information at a glance, within a single interface. Your sales representatives can answer questions in a personalized, effortless way. With Salesforce’s CTI, your teams can focus on the customer without worrying about tools.

Your teams can be more relaxed while being more productive, and your customers get a clear answer from the first contact.

To take it one step further, a call script directly integrated into your contact center solution will allow your teams to be even more confident when dealing with customer requests, especially when customers raise objections.

After the interaction: enrich your customer knowledge

Is your call over? Let’s update Salesforce! All the information exchanged must be automatically logged in Salesforce to be used during the next interaction: call log, call recordings available via a hyperlink, …

The more data you have in your CRM, the more impressive your results will be. In order to boost your sales and to build customer loyalty, it is recommended to automate workflows: automatic sending of SMS and emails, scheduling of an automatic reminder 2 months before the end of a contract, escalation if customer dissatisfaction, … Many strategies will allow you to be more efficient.

The Diabolocom contact center software allows Air Liquide, Solocal, Wonderbox, Seloger, BestAgents, Smartbox, Essilor-BBGR, Unatrac-Caterpillar… to get the best out of Salesforce to optimize their performance.

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