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The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker's Guide 2018-19: Outbound & Call blending chapter

Download this complimentary UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide 2018-19 focusing on Outbound and Call blending from Contact Babel, the most trusted contact centre industry expert in the UK. This guide, sponsored by Diabolocom, is based upon a detailed structured questionnaire answered by more than 200 contact centre managers and directors in the UK.

In this, you will get an overview of how they use outbound and call blending and their strategies and methods to stay relevant.

Chief eXperience Officer - Explained

What is the role of the chief experience officer (CXO)?

In recent years, a new function has emerged in a growing number of english companies: Chief e(X)perience Officer (CXO). Otherwise known as the Customer Experience Director or Customer Experience Manager (CXM), the CXO has a prominent position within the organisation.

So what is their main role? To make the customer experience a strategic pillar of the company.

Customer relations: And all its emotion

From emotional experience to relational intelligence.

In a very competitive world where customers are increasingly volatile, it is difficult for brands to make the difference.However, creating emotions makes it possible. By focusing on emotions brands can make a strategic shift which has long-term benefits for the customer experience.