Outbound Call Campaign Software

Empower your outbound contact center sales team

Outbound Calls

Boost your calls' performance


Outbound dialer software lets you choose the dialling mode that best suits your needs: preview, progressive or predictive.

Set up call strategies based on defined criteria and optimize your reachability rate.

Empower your outbound telemarketing call center agents with personalized call scripts, integrated CRM, and remote working access.

Set up your Outbound Call Campaigns easily

Contact Centre Software


  • Refined interface designed to be as intuitive as possible 
  • Outbound calling made easy with call scripts to guide conversation
  • Send SMS or post-call emails with a single click
  • Route calls to specific agents
  • Premium call quality


Call Script Contact Centre


  • Boost outbound sales with targeted callback management to increase reachability rate
  • Configure your call scripts with an intuitive call script editor
  • Creation and launch of telemarketing campaigns in just a few clicks



Supervision Contact Centre Reporting


  • Active listening of calls to help your teams optimise
  • Call recording available 
  • Assign agents to one or more call campaigns in real time
  • Real-time statistics displayed on customizable Wallboards and deferred reporting

Cloud Outbound Call Centre Software

Intuitive interface
Premium call quality
Predictive, Progressive, Preview
Call script
Callback Rules
CRM Integration
PCI-DSS Certification
HDS Certification (Health Data Hosting)

CRM integration and business tools!

Our Outbound Call Campaign Software is natively integrated with your CRM and business tools.

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