Cloud Telephony for Contact Centers Enhanced by AI

Optimize the management of your interactions with our intuitive, high-performance cloud telephony solution thanks to generative AI.

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Generative AI
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Cloud Telephony for Contact Centers Enhanced by AI

More than 350 international companies place their trust in us

Our AI in your cloud telephony solution

Our proprietary AI, specially designed for customer relations, helps optimize contact centers of any size and manage omnichannel customer interactions.

  • Available in all languages
  • Directly accessible in our solution
  • Available via API to integrate with your existing tools

Our AI in your cloud telephony solution

Incoming calls with cloud telephony: greater efficiency

Qualify your calls with the intelligent IVR. Increase your availability with a high-performance voicebot and other self-care solutions.

Route calls directly to the right operator with our integrated ACD. Deliver personalized and contextualized responses to meet your customers’ expectations promptly.

Incoming calls with cloud telephony

Outgoing calls with our cloud telephony solution: greater reachability

Manage your call campaigns with the dialling mode of your choice: Preview, Progressive, AMD Progressive, Predictive, Automatic. Create callback and prioritization rules to target your outbound calls.

Proactively personalize your outbound calls through CRM integration. Optimize your agents’ time with answering machine detection and automatic campaign updates.

Outgoing calls with the Diabolocom cloud telephony solution

Omnichannel solution: a unified customer experience

Centralize your communication channels (Mail, SMS, Chat, Chatbot, Voicebot, Social Networks) and make your advisor’s day-to-day work easier. Benefit from optimized routing functions on every channel.

Engage your customers more by multiplying entry points and bouncing between channels. Be there where your customers expect you, with extended opening hours.

Diabolocom is cloud call center solution that offers technical expertise and significant infrastructure investments

Phone numbers provided or carried by Diabolocom

As a cloud telephony solution, Diabolocom is also a telecom operator, guaranteeing premium voice quality. Diabolocom can supply and/or port your telephone numbers anywhere in the world.

Diabolocom offers regional numbers, special numbers, toll-free numbers and premium-rate numbers.

Get a premium call and voice quality all over the world thanks to Diabolocom solution

Trusted partner to more than 350 companies in 60 countries

Carrefour Banque standardizes its cloud telephony and converts leads with Diabolocom

“Diabolocom is in line with Carrefour Banque’s strategy, which to better serve its customers, relies on both innovation to improve the customer experience with new digital functionalities and reinforced integration into the Carrefour universe.”

 “In 6 months, we have deployed nearly 160 branches and 600 advisors working in them.” 

Catherine De Oliveira, Flow Management Department Manager

Generative AI becomes a must for Culligan's customer service department

Thanks to Diabolocom’s generative AI, Culligan has seen a significant optimization of its customer service ROI and increased customer satisfaction, with an NPS score of 75, an industry record.

“Diabolocom’s solution has been a game changer for our agents. We’ve reduced our voicemail processing time by over 50%.

Emmanuelle Duschesne, Director of Customer Experience and Transformation

Bouygues Immobilier manages its integrated cloud telephony in Salesforce

“Since integrating Diabolocom, we’ve been able to manage our Quality of Service more easily and achieve our objectives. At the same time, we have doubled our outgoing call volumes.”

“All our call center advisors and managers were able to use all the tool’s functionalities without delay.”

Olivier Flattet, Prospects Call Center Manager

Harness the potential of your data by integrating the cloud telephony solution with your CRM

Manage your interactions effectively with our Salesforce integration

The cloud telephony expert integrates easily with Salesforce

Combine customer data and use the features of two powerful customer relationship solutions to manage your interactions on a single platform.

Keep track of the entire history of interactions with each customer: all calls and conversations are automatically logged in the relevant Salesforce objects along with supporting annotation.

The cloud telephony expert integrates easily with Salesforce

Convert your leads with our Microsoft Dynamics integration

Integrate your solution for contact center with Microsoft Dynamics

Customize your interactions with prospects and existing customers to generate more revenue using our Microsoft Dynamics integration. Preview calls ahead of time to increase customer satisfaction.

Replay customer interactions for better quality control and to train your agents.

Integrate your solution for contact center with Microsoft Dynamics

Take advantage of more integration opportunities with ServiceNow

We propose a CTI integration of our solution with ServiceNow

Centralize and automate your customer communications by integrating Diabolocom with ServiceNow.

Qualify and prioritize incoming calls routed from the Diabolocom solution using the caller number recognition and direct routing functions to the customer service representative.

We propose a CTI integration of our solution with ServiceNow

Handle all your calls in Oracle Service Cloud

Discover how Diabolocom integrates with Oracle

Boost your call campaign performance and improve your customer service productivity with the Diabolocom integration.

Access the Diabolocom agent workspace directly from your Oracle interface. Your agents have all their business tools on a single interface.

Discover how Diabolocom integrates with Oracle

Manage your phone calls directly in Zendesk

Integration of the cloud contact center solution with Zendesk

Add your call centre management to Zendesk in a matter of clicks! Your inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged to the relevant Zendesk ticket.

You’re just a click away from call logs and recordings. You can use the call history to give your phone conversations context.

Integration of the cloud contact center solution with Zendesk

Get the most out of your contact centre solution with HubSpot

Diabolocom, the leading integrated cloud telephony provider, partners with Hubspot

All the data from your CRM can be used to automate requests and create workflows.

A call concerning the status of an order? Thanks to our integration and voice synthesis, your agents are fully prepared to handle any call quickly and efficiently, freeing up more time to focus on the higher value calls.

Diabolocom, the leading integrated cloud telephony provider, partners with Hubspot

Provide your customers with top-notch cloud telephony through Diabolocom

Intuitive interface and rapid deployment

Meet the operational needs of your sales and customer service teams. Focus on ease of use and personalize customer interactions with just a few clicks. Benefit from rapid deployment and manage your inbound calls and outbound campaigns autonomously.

Superior call quality worldwide

Benefit from exceptional stability and voice quality on inbound and outbound calls worldwide, thanks to the high-performance technical infrastructure of Diabolocom, a telecom operator and cloud telephony solution.

Seamlessly integrated with your existing business tools

Take advantage of the potential of our telephony solution by integrating it with your CRM to maximize your performance. Your customer interaction data remains accessible at all times.

Our AIs as a springboard for your CX

Hosted on a European Cloud, Diabolocom AIs are based on proprietary technologies specially designed for customer relations. Accessible in our telephony solution or via API, they enable you to enhance customer satisfaction while reducing operational expenses.