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Hisense: Efficient, proactive customer service with Diabolocom

Hisense France

Hisense France, a subsidiary of the Chinese Hisense group, is supported in its exponential growth by Diabolocom. From the automation of inbound requests to AI, Diabolocom provides high-performance solutions for contact center advisors.

Hisense, world leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, chooses Diabolocom

Chances are you’ve already used a Hisense appliance, whether it’s a TV or a washing machine. Hisense is a Chinese manufacturer and world leader in home appliances and consumer electronics. The group is the world’s second-largest TV manufacturer, employing over 100,000 people, with 66 international distribution subsidiaries. Among these, the French subsidiary is a loyal Diabolocom customer.

Hisense France is a subsidiary, created ten years ago. Today, it has 60 employees, mainly in sales, distribution and customer service. Since its creation, the customer relations center has been equipped with the Diabolocom solution, mainly to manage pre-sales and after-sales interactions. Olivier Dutrieux, Director of Service and Quality Department at Hisense France, explains the strengths of this partnership.

Olivier Dutrieux for Hisense France

“It’s important for us to have partners who support us in the company’s current growth.” Here’s part of the reason why Hisense France chose to work with Diabolocom 10 years ago, and why we don’t regret it. Diabolocom was recommended to the French subsidiary and has become an indispensable partner for managing its call center, while accompanying the company’s exponential growth.

Successful optimization of different communication channels

Today, the contact center is staffed by 20 in-house agents, who handle customer queries by e-mail, chat and telephone, receiving around 1,500 calls a month.

  • High responsiveness on digital channels

The website form is the main point of contact for consumers with questions about Hisense branded products. Offering a wide range of products, Hisense has technicians specialized in specific product families (television, household appliances, etc.).

Thanks to Diabolocom technology, coupled with the online form, it is possible to recognize specific keywords and then categorize requests according to them. For example, based on a selection of “sensitive” keywords, the customer service department has set up a priority queue to deal with the consumers concerned. Once their needs have been analyzed, customers are routed to the agents best qualified to respond to their problem.

  • Optimal routing of incoming calls

Although the form accounts for the majority of requests, the voice channel is still preferred by customers. Hisense France’s objective was to optimize the distribution of incoming calls, and to ensure that responses were as personalized as possible. This has been achieved with Diabolocom. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response), configured autonomously within the Diabolocom platform, is fully customizable. It gives Hisense teams total control over queue configuration and agent organization. This is one of the major advantages of the SaaS solution, which ensures great flexibility for the contact center.

"In the event of an emergency or a spike in calls, we can immediately create a specific queue and direct it to additional in-house or outsourced agents."

Olivier Dutrieux - Director of Service and Quality Department at Hisense France
  • Automatic campaigns: focus on customer satisfaction

In the Diabolocom platform, Hisense has set up a progressive callback campaign, activated if the waiting time exceeds the quality of service. This campaign offers consumers the possibility of being called back as quickly as possible.

In addition, at the end of each call, a satisfaction survey is offered to customers. Carried out immediately after the interaction, this survey has a high response rate, providing a precise overview of the quality of customer service.

Making agents’ jobs easier with automation and AI

  • Native integration with Salesforce CRM…

Hisense agents use the Diabolocom tool, natively integrated into Salesforce CRM, on a daily basis.

"The integration with Salesforce, which was completed in three weeks, is smooth and efficient, improving agent productivity and satisfaction compared with other subsidiaries."

Olivier Dutrieux - Director of Service and Quality Department at Hisense France

As a result, Hisense France will have 0 agent turnover by 2023. What’s more, the figures show 20% higher productivity than other subsidiaries not using the Diabolocom solution. In addition to high productivity, interaction management conditions have been significantly improved: response time has been reduced by 30%, and average handling time by 21%.

Agents can now handle a greater number of calls and e-mails, while enjoying optimum working comfort. This is made possible by Diabolocom features such as IVR, CRM interconnection, and now Artificial Intelligence.

KPIs Hisense

  • Generative AI for advisors

The AI functionalities developed by Diabolocom are available in the contact center solution used by Hisense France to capture the necessary consumer and product information during interactions, offering significant advantages in terms of increased productivity and proactive, personalized customer relationship management.

First of all, AI simplifies a low-value-added task for service agents that used to be tedious: the manual entry of 28-character serial numbers.

“The Diabolocom AI’s recognition of the serial number helps us to avoid input errors and provide the correct information to the consumer.”

Often repeated by customers during the call, this number is crucial to processing the customer’s request. Thanks to transcription by Diabolocom’s AI, these numbers are now collected automatically, enabling agents to focus on the customer’s need and improve their experience.

The transcript and summary of the call are then integrated into the CRM and can be used for cold analysis of queries, in particular to identify faulty products. This data enriches the overall activity of the contact center and improves dispute management: the agent can respond immediately to requests, thanks to instant access to relevant information. In other words, Hisense advisors always have the right information at the right time.

AI-assisted call transcription

Hisense also measures customer satisfaction during the AI call. This helps to understand the evolution of customer satisfaction during the exchange, and to objectively assess satisfaction at the close of the call. The AI-enhanced Diabolocom tool is designed to be oriented towards specific customer relations use cases, optimizing every stage of the agent’s work.

Testimonial from Olivier Dutrieux for Hisense France

Discover the highlights of Olivier Dutrieux’s speech, Service and Quality Director at Hisense France, during the All4Customer event.

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