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Cordon Group continues to exceed quality of service requirements with Diabolocom

Cordon Group, a Diabolocom customer since 2010, continues to exceed quality of service requirements, with a Quality of Service rate of 91% in 2023. 

Europe’s leading player in the electronics sector

Founded in 1989 by Serge Cordon, Cordon Group is today considered one of Europe’s leading players in the electronics sector. The Group mainly supports companies in the sector and private individuals. 

Cordon Group’s core business is the repair, refurbishment, and recycling of electronic products for the world’s leading electronics companies. They call on the Group’s industrial capabilities in logistics, after-sales service, and repair to solve the problems encountered by their customers when using their electronic equipment.

Cordon is also committed to providing responsible services to optimize the sustainability of electronic products. Over 29 million electronic products have already been repaired in 13 countries worldwide, and 40,000 employees are working to meet this growing demand. 

Combining service quality and operational performance

Cordon Group has to meet the high standards of service quality and operational performance demanded by major electronics companies. Cordon Group has been using Diabolocom’s call center cloud software to achieve this dual objective since 2010. 

Cordon Group needed a flexible, user-friendly solution for managing external customer service. Customer service teams in repair centers provide multilingual, multi-channel assistance to end customers. 

As each company has specific customer relations needs, the requests to be handled are diverse and varied: 

  • Online diagnostics, remote control, false failure filtering, RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) allocation 
  • Management of multi-channel service requests (standard or specific)
  • Support in setting up and using products
  • After-sales follow-up and call-back to refine diagnosis
  • One-off or recurring satisfaction surveys

Nearly 50 advisors in France (Bordeaux, Dinan, Ribeauvillé) and Europe use Diabolocom to manage day-to-day customer relations. Matthieu Pion, Group Telephony Manager, oversees all hotlines. Mélina Mazier is the administrator of the Diabolocom solution for customer interaction management.

Efficient omnichannel customer service

Although every company uses multiple communication channels, the voice channel remains indispensable for staying close to customers. Inbound calls account for the bulk of Cordon Group’s call center activity, with a volume of over 100,000 calls per year. Diabolocom’s ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) solution, routes incoming calls according to the agent’s skill level. It’s a great success: Quality of Service (the rate at which incoming calls are picked up) averages 91% for the year 2023.

Outgoing calls account for around 5% of call volume. They are concerned with  contact with customers for remote troubleshooting or to reproduce undetected product failures. Cordon Electronics achieves a reachability rate of 98%, well above expected averages, for outgoing calls made manually from the Diabolocom platform.

Finally, Cordon Group uses the Diabolocom platform to set up automatic call and SMS campaigns tailored to customer requests. The predictive dialing mode enables advisors to save time when contacting customers. The web call-back functionality is also used to contact people who have made a breakdown request online quickly.   .   

For these campaigns, Diabolocom provides geographic numbers, French special numbers, and international numbers for the Group.

"Diabolocom provides relevant solutions in line with today's best in customer relations."

Matthieu Pion - Head of Telephony, Cordon Group

A complete, uniform interface for international operations

Cordon Group has adopted a strategy of diversifying its activities and expanding beyond its European borders, particularly in North and South America. The Group needed to unify and automate internal processes to implement this strategy. 

In this way, Cordon Group and Diabolocom have implemented a unified interface between the CRM and the interaction management solution. As Diabolocom is a software publisher and integrator, native integration of the solution into Microsoft Dynamics was easy and did not require the involvement of a third party. Moreover, the Diabolocom solution is available in all the languages used in Cordon Group’s contact centers. 

In this way, agents have a single platform at their disposal, and if they need assistance in using it, they can call on the Diabolocom teams. 

"The Diabolocom team is always responsive, especially the support team, which makes it possible to deal quickly with any problems encountered."

Mélina Mazier - Administrator of the Diabolocom solution

The contact center software makes the work of agents and supervisors much easier with the following features: 

  • If the customer is known (name, file number, or any other information from the CRM), you’ll get a better quality interaction. 
  • Real-time access to call and e-mail history ensures that advisors can react quickly when retrieving  information. 
  • The supervisor has a global and omnichannel vision of real-time activity management. And he can ensure precise operational management of contact centers. 
  • Thanks to the synchronization of advisors’ statuses, their working time is optimized, and service quality is guaranteed at all times. 

"Diabolocom gives advisors the opportunity to work autonomously on the platform, in a fluid and responsive way. We're also autonomous when it comes to configuring the tool, with support assistance on hand should we need it."

Mélina Mazier - Administrator of the Diabolocom solution


Cordon Group’s business requires a contact center solution that aligns with customer needs and the latest innovations. Thanks to a constant R&D strategy, “the Diabolocom contact center solution has developed very well over the years.” As a result, Diabolocom’s adaptability and unique market innovations enable Cordon Group to offer its customers a very high quality of service.

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