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The Diabolocom solution meets all the requirements of Henner, one of the world’s leading personal insurance companies

Henner choose Diabolocom

An international group with expertise in health insurance…

Henner, an independent international group founded in 1947, develops innovative personal insurance solutions for individuals, professionals and businesses, benefiting 2.1 million policyholders. As a broker, advisor, and administrator, Henner is the French leader in the group health insurance market, with 1,650 employees (in Paris and in the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America). In 2022, its sales were expected to reach 220.5 million euros.

Present in all segments of personal insurance and an expert in employee share ownership, the Henner Group advises and supports 54,000 companies of all sizes in the design and management of their social protection programs, in France and abroad.

To ensure customer access to healthcare globally, the Group has established the world’s largest network of healthcare partners (1.8 million healthcare professionals in 185 countries). It also offers a range of services designed to help companies develop preventive measures and improve quality of life in the workplace.

… to ensure optimum customer service availability

As a health insurance expert, Henner’s main challenge is to provide the highest quality service and ensure an exceptional customer experience, aiming for the fastest possible processing of requests.

To achieve this, Henner makes every effort to ensure maximum availability of customer service:

  • The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the country or customer;
  • Henner commits to responding to urgent hospitalization requests in less than two hours, worldwide.Consequently, the chosen telephony solution for customer service must reliably and securely route all international calls from the Group’s customers to competent teams available in offices worldwide.

Henner chooses Diabolocom for its triple expertise…

"Diabolocom was selected thanks to its triple expertise: CCaaS solution provider, integrator and telecom operator in 8 of the 9 countries where Henner is present,"

Vincent Nivot - Infra Project Manager

Moreover, service commitments, including SLAs and availability rates, underscored by a redundant architecture, served as key differentiators.

Functionally, the solution fulfills all the criteria outlined by the business teams. Technically, the platform is able to integrate with the existing IT ecosystem, with proven interoperability with the previous infrastructure and successful integration with CRM.
Finally, the ergonomic aspects of the interfaces and the ease of use convinced the Henner teams of the product’s ease of adoption.

… to meet internal needs for rationalization, agility and autonomy


The teams in charge of customer relations are spread over 9 Henner sites around the world. The group’s objective was to rationalize telecoms networks by freeing itself from local infrastructures, and benefiting from a single point of contact for the portability and supply of telephone numbers. Diabolocom is the answer: as a telecoms operator, Diabolocom supplies and ports telephone numbers, at optimized costs, anywhere in the world.


The previous solution was not sufficiently scalable to handle the complex administration and routing of numerous telephone lines, nor to make full use of real-time control data and associated reports. Diabolocom, publisher of its own contact center software, offers its customers a scalable solution that can be adapted to specific sector constraints, such as those of the health insurance industry.


"Implementing Diabolocom's call center solution is a key component of Henner's IT transformation strategy, addressing the business teams' need for autonomy in managing their activities."

Vincent Nivot - Chef de Projet Infra

This initiative also aims to facilitate the implementation and administration of new telephony scenarios, notably IVR.

Diabolocom software meets team expectations…

One of the challenges was to enable customer relations center managers to gain greater autonomy. The implementation of “mandatories” features, such as solution hosting on an HDS-certified infrastructure, post-call qualification by agents, WEBRTC telephony, and others, enables managers to control and monitor their teams’ activity simply and in real time. Vincent Nivot explains:

“Users universally commend Diabolocom for its voice quality and immediate access to KPIs.”

Since the implementation of the Diabolocom solution and the positive feedback that followed, a significant internal evolution has taken place at Henner: functional administration is now entrusted to a dedicated MOA team (KPIs, Reporting). This has led to a significant reduction in the workload associated with maintaining the platform’s operational readiness and technical administration.

… and meets the demands of the insurance industry

Partnership Henner Diabolocom

The Diabolocom solution fulfills all of Henner’s needs, a global leader in personal insurance, offering:

  • A secure interface,
  • HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification, guaranteeing exceptional quality of service for the management of sensitive personal data,
  • Ergonomic design to help users get up to speed quickly,
  • Autonomy for managers in the management and control of telephone lines,
  • High availability,
  • And support from CSM Diabolocom in setting up and deploying the solution.

As a result, Diabolocom is proving to be a reliable partner for the Henner Group, providing customer service teams with a comfortable working environment. In the insurance sector, where availability and flexibility are critical for customer satisfaction, Diabolocom plays a pivotal role.

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