Videoconferencing is easier thanks to WebRTC technology!

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A promise, is a promise! Our last blog article talked about the benefits of videoconferencing. This one deals with WebRTC technology.

Videoconferencing is easier with WebRTC

With the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol, there is no need to download any application to turn your video on during your call! You can now interact visually and vocally.

Built into the latest versions of the main internet/mobile browsers, WebRTC technology allows you to switch to visio without ending your phone call. The two streams – voice and video – are simultaneous but independent. This is the reason why Diabolocom has chosen this protocol.

An Inbound call? Ask your client to use the camera on his smartphone. To do this, you must send him an SMS with a request to access his camera and microphone. Once the video authorization has been confirmed, the conversation initiated on the voice channel will continue normally.
If you wish, you can take captures from the video stream to keep evidence, document an intervention file or escalate the case internally.

With Diabolocom videoconferencing can – like all the available options – be activated on demand.

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