The UK Contact Center Decision Maker’s Guide 2018-2019

Written by Diabolocom

Outbound Calls

How can contact centers increase their customer satisfaction rating, reduce agent attrition or perhaps speed up their customer identification?

These are some of the common questions facing the contact center industry, and the answers to these issues are constantly shifting as emerging technologies provide new strategies and better ways of working.

ContactBabel, the leading analyst firm in the contact center industry, has released its annual UK Contact Center Decision Maker’s Guide which explores these challenges and provides the latest research and best practices to help contact centers enhance performance and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

This guide is based upon a detailed structured questionnaire answered by more than 200 contact center managers and directors in the UK.

We are proud to be sponsors for this year’s chapter on Outbound and Call blending, one of the most crucial contact center strategies and one which is constantly subject to debate.

In this section discover the latest insights on outbound campaigns and call blending supported by robust data and learn more about:

  • How outbound activity is used by industry?
  • How to enhance agent productivity with call blending?
  • How automated outbound services will evolve in the Cloud?
  • Best practices on how to deliver a proactive customer service
  • Benefits of effective outbound from increased personal connections with customers to keeping clients informed with the latest information.

The Diabolocom cloud-based solution gives agents the power to quickly setup and launch outbound campaigns which boost performance and contact rate.

The UK Contact Center Decision Maker’s Guide 2018-19 is indispensable for all industry professionals, with comprehensive advice on all aspects of contact center operations, workforce management and customer experience.

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