Diabolocom selected for Hub France IA’s AI 2024 mapping exercise

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The artificial intelligence scene in France has been boosted by the recent initiative of Hub France IA, which has updated its mapping of startups and companies specializing in AI.

The Hub France IA has listed the most innovative AI players in its cartography, as part of a Europe-wide project. This project has several objectives: to increase the visibility of the various startup ecosystems, to offer an operational overview of European AI startups for buyers and users, to analyze the AI ecosystem in Europe and its impact, and finally, to strengthen the representation of these initiatives to the European Commission, particularly with regard to the strategy on generative AI.

The Hub France IA is a non-profit association working to accelerate the development and adoption of responsible, ethical and sovereign artificial intelligence within the economy. With over 150 members and more than 50 partners, including startups, SMEs, ETIs, major groups and institutions, the Hub France IA plays a key role in supporting France’s national strategy on artificial intelligence.

A rigorous choice

In this 2024 edition, Diabolocom is among the 103 new companies honored, out of a total of 328 startups referenced.

The selection of winners is no accident. To be eligible, companies must meet strict criteria set by Hub France IA, the main one being that artificial intelligence must be at the heart of their product or service. In addition to demonstrating solid financial health, employ at least two people, and be based in France with French capital.

Well-deserved recognition and promising prospects

The experts on the Hub France IA selection committee, including representatives from Bpifrance Le Hub, ESSEC Metalab, and Serena Capital, recognized Diabolocom for its significant contribution to the French technology landscape. Matthieu Lavergne of Serena emphasized the importance of mapping as a decision-making tool for investors and buyers, highlighting the most promising companies in the AI field.

The impact of this recognition by the Hub France IA for Diabolocom is considerable. Not only does it position the company as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to customer relationship management, it also opens doors for new collaborations and innovations. With 65% of mapping startups located in the Paris region, Diabolocom benefits from its proximity to other innovators and an extensive network, fostering potential synergies.

An innovative player in customer relations

Diabolocom excels in the development of customer interaction management solutions, using artificial intelligence technologies to improve the efficiency and personalization of customer service. Its inclusion on this prestigious list underlines its role as an innovator in the customer relations sector, where AI is playing a growing role in optimizing communications and enriching the user experience.

Diabolocom’s inclusion in the 2024 mapping of the Hub France IA is a milestone for the company, illustrating once again its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. It’s proof that artificial intelligence, beyond being a simple technological tool, is now an essential lever for the transformation and competitiveness of French companies on the world stage.

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