How to manage your calls from home?

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Home office and call centres

Due to the current health crisis, many call centers closed their offices, raising fears of a slowdown in their activities. Here are 4 tips to ensure the continuity of sales and customer service teams activities.

Work from home operationally with the right tools

Working remotely is not a source of great change for sales and customer service teams as long as they are equipped with the right work tools: thanks to a 100% cloud-based voice management solution integrated with your business tools, your teams are operational in just a few minutes. To receive calls from your home, you just need an internet connection and a phone (fixed-line, mobile, softphone, WebRTC)!

Once settled, the teams can handle their calls as they used to. Their office was simply migrated home. 

Manage your call peaks thanks to automation

Some of your agents are absent due to sick leave and you have to deal with major call peaks? Automate some requests, such as order status requests or information requests, which do not necessarily need to go through an agent.
Keeping track of your order status has never been faster!  Thanks to self-service and text-to-speech, your customers get THE right answer at the right time.

However, some exchanges require an agent and thanks to self-service, they only receive high added value calls.

Boost your agent’s efficiency thanks to CRM integration

Self-service wasn’t enough? The call is now being redirected to your teams. It is crucial to provide your agents with all the information they need to answer customer’s needs.

Thanks to the native integration of your customer interaction management software with your CRM (Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics…), your agents have access to all customer data: caller recognition, call history, call scripting, payment by PCI-DSS certified bank card, choice made in the IVR, etc. They can handle their calls in a productive and proactive way, which improves customer satisfaction.

Offer your customers premium voice quality

Now you know how to ensure business continuity, even when you’re working remotely. It would be a shame to spoil everything because of recurring interruptions in your communications!

Yes, it may seem trivial, but it’s not always the case: when you make a call, the most important thing is to keep them uninterrupted. This is why a publisher who is also a telecom operator is a real guarantee of reliability.

Diabolocom, the voice and email management solution for sales teams and contact centers, meets all of these points:

  • 100% cloud and therefore totally adapted to Home Office
  • CRM integration and business tools
  • Premium call quality guaranteed by our telecom operator infrastructure
  • Ease of use and speed of deployment thanks to intuitive interfaces

Teleperformance, the world leader in outsourced multi-channel customer experience management, has called on Diabolocom to serve hundreds of remote agents. Diabolocom is used by all agents who handle inbound calls related to coronavirus.

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