Diabolocom & Carrefour Banque:
Interview with Catherine de Oliveira, Head of Flow Management Service

Written by Diabolocom

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Carrefour Banque

Carrefour Banque, the banking subsidiary of the Carrefour Group, embarked on a journey to enhance their customer service. In this interview, Catherine de Oliveira, the Head of Flow Management Service at Carrefour Banque, shares valuable insights into the choice of Diabolocom as a cloud-based call center software solution, the results achieved, and the future aspirations of Carrefour Banque.

Could you please provide a description of your company and your current job responsabilities?

My name is Catherine De Oliveira, and I am in charge of the Flow Management Service, responsible for managing the telephone flows of Carrefour Banque’s headquarters and branches’ customer service centers. Carrefour Banque has been the bank of Carrefour for over 40 years, integrated into all Carrefour hypermarkets in France. 

It offers some of the lowest interest rates in the market for loans and attractive insurance rates. Today, two million customers benefit from exclusive services and advantages, saving money every day by using their PASS card for shopping.

How about sharing some details about your project and the specific challenges you faced?

We were looking to replace our outdated ACD solution in our headquarters’ customer service centers, which was hosted on internal servers. We needed a cloud-based solution that could accommodate a large number of users to include advisors and telephone flows from our branches. 

This solution had to be easily integrated with our other systems (CRM, orchestrators, data, etc.). Simplicity of use was an important criterion in our selection process, and we needed to deploy it quickly.

What were the reasons behind your decision to choose Diabolocom?

We chose Diabolocom for several reasons. Firstly, it aligns with Carrefour Banque’s strategy, which focuses on innovation to improve the customer experience with new digital features and enhanced integration within the Carrefour ecosystem. 

We did not lose any major functionality, particularly in its integration with our omnichannel ecosystem. 

“Diabolocom’s agent interface and administration interface are simple and accessible. We also had positive feedback from Carrefour Voyages, which had chosen Diabolocom before us.”

What results have you been able to achieved?

We deployed Diabolocom in our headquarters within the given timeframe, which was very fast!

“In just three months, 370 users and 50 activities migrated to the solution, and this transition was transparent to our clients. As planned, we deployed nearly 160 branches and 600 advisors within 6 months.” 

Our clients now benefit from our new callbot, Leo, which was put into production during the first wave of branch deployments in October 2022.

Our advisors quickly adapted to and embraced the solution, becoming autonomous within 24 hours. We have received personalized support from a team that is attentive, responsive, and available.

What are your challenges for the coming year?

We have planned the implementation of differentiated routing to provide a different customer experience based on customer segmentation. We also aim to implement automatic campaigns in Diabolocom for our branches. 

We want to improve our customers’ experience by introducing new features with the support of Diabolocom and Zaion teams, allowing our customers to perform certain tasks autonomously without waiting in a queue whenever possible. 

This will enable our advisors to focus on tasks with higher added value.

Three words to define Diabolocom ?

I would say that Diabolocom is an intuitive and flexible solution. 

Diabolocom is easy to use, whether it’s the admin interface or the agent interface, suitable for both experts and beginners in this type of solution. 

We have already made several changes to the routing, including integrating the flows from our branches, without encountering major difficulties. 

“Regarding the Diabolocom team, I would describe them as available and responsive. We always receive quick responses when we have questions or issues.” 

We work in great synergy between the Diabolocom and Carrefour Banque teams, and I would also add Zaion to that point.

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