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Diabolocom and Photobox: an excellent CX during high seasonal demand

Personalised photos always make a delightful gift for friends and family, and during the holiday seasons (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day), the demand explodes. For Photobox, the European leader in customisable photo products with 30 million customers across 12 countries, these periods are critical in terms of turnover.

Increase in website traffic by 400%

During seasonal peaks the traffic on the Photobox website increases by 400%- 600%. Unsurprisingly, customer service demands increase too. As 70% of these enquiries occur before the point of purchase, the objective is getting customers from intention to order. This volume can be overwhelming for call agents.

As Mike Massimi, Director of Customer Experience at Photobox Group explains:

“Customer service must be excellent at all times, and especially so when there is a lot of traffic-otherwise you miss a key revenue opportunity. The challenge for us is ensuring the same quality of service for each customer, regardless of the volume of demand. This requires agility and tools that offer maximum flexibility. ”

Seamless integration with Oracle

Photobox ultimately chose Diabolocom for its flexible, scalable solution which could meet all its requirements, offering a solution which could be smoothly loaded onto the voice channel and integrate seamlessly with the existing Oracle infrastructure. After a six-month trial, Mike was thoroughly convinced by the results:

“Photobox has been running for 17 years and we are proud of our reputation for high-quality customer service. Diabolocom understood this and was the first and only provider able to fully assimilate with our back office and Oracle CRM. Diabolocom’s solution further gives call agents access to the client records before answering the call. This is a great support for the staff, and in a company with 30 million active customers this ensures each customer receives a personalised service.”

Greater control and responsiveness: key strengths of Diabolocom

As Director of Customer Experience, Mike needs to be able to directly manage and develop the solutions used by his teams. He explained this at the Diabolocom conference at the last Client Strategy show in Paris:

“One of the advantages of working with Diabolocom is the support available. When I call Diabolocom I am not dealing with a third-party service but with people who are familiar with my team and the solution. I can pick up the phone at any time of day and ask Diabolocom’s technical teams who are ready to solve it. ” Concludes Mike.

Discover more about Diabolocom’s partnership with Photobox in this video:

* Our services are used in more than twenty countries around the world, with Diabolocom’s headquarters located in Paris. We have sales and support offices in France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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