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Distance work for call centres' agents

Can your customers hear you, when you’re working from home?

In a pre-global pandemic world, how many times did you hear this phrase? From calling a friend, to clients, to banks, to ringing your doctor for an appointment. Whilst the loss of signal was mildly irritating, it was largely tolerated. We could call back, we could send an SMS or email, we would see them in person later……Today, when so much of our communication is reliant on a good phone connection, “I can’t hear you” just won’t cut it.

In a post Covid-19 world, the world of work has changed forever. According to research released from Finder, 60% of the UK workforce is working from home during the pandemic, 62% of which want their companies to invest in better tools to support the shift in working patterns. This pattern is unlikely to change any time soon. 72% of the UK office-based workforce would prefer to not return to the office five days a week.

What does this mean for businesses who rely on communication to sell their products and services and maintain good customer satisfaction? Companies have long provided remote access for their staff as part of their business continuity planning, and throughout 2020 this planning has proved fruitful. But what about contact centre’s that deal with customer queries through voice? Or outbound sales teams that need to prospect? Agents working remotely still primarily respond to customers via telephone but spread across the country on different networks, can you guarantee that you can ‘hear your customers’? Do they have your customer details to-hand across a singular platform through seamless integrations with your CRM? Can your agents’ login from anywhere and ensure the quality of the call? Can your agents continue to take payments that is industry compliant over the phone from their home kitchen table?

More and more businesses have become reliant on platforms that can enable this, more importantly, that can enable this from anywhere in the world. As an independent leading telecommunications provider in Europe, Diabolocom has built the infrastructure and technology to ensure that “I can’t hear you” is now a thing of the past.

As we continue to adapt and evolve, the rise of multi-channel communication becomes ever more at the forefront of excellent customer experiences. Working from home, only provides more opportunity to contact you in different ways. A phone-call will give way to an email, or to a video-conference, some will prefer to tweet you, whereas others will want an instant message on webchat. Diabolocom is a modular and scalable technology. As the needs of your customers evolve, so can the integrations and APIs you can add to support your business needs all deployed directly through the cloud.

To find out more about the cloud omnichannel solution your business needs, contact us here and request a demo.

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