5 advantages of a Web Call Back solution for your customers and teams

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What is Web Call Back (Definition)

Web Call Back is a service that enables visitors to a website to ask to be called back by an advisor at a time of their choosing or as soon as possible. In concrete terms, a Web Call Back solution takes the form of an action button on the website.

The visitor who has clicked on the button is asked to provide their contact details and details of their request. If we take the example of the bank’s website, the visitor may be asked to give details about the type of vehicle they are considering financing. Then, depending on the system used, the Web Call Back solution offers the visitor :

  • Choose a time slot from a list of available slots.
  • To be called back as soon as a customer service agent is available.

Differences between Web Call Back and Click-to-Call

Web Call Back and Click-to-Call sometimes need clarification, but they are different services.

Click-to-Call allows users to make an instant phone call from the website, while Web Call Back, as we’ve seen, lets users schedule a call with an advisor or get back in touch as soon as possible.

So there’s a difference in timing. With a Click-to-Call solution, the connection with the advisor is instantaneous and immediate. With a web call-back solution, the connection is planned. Click-to-Call aims for immediacy, and Web Call Back for flexibility.

The fact remains, however, that these are two similar services, both of which involve offering the telephone channel to website visitors. Diabolocom’s Web Call Back solution can also handle Click-to-Call.


Let’s look at the five main advantages of Web Call Back for your company and your prospects or customers.

Web Call Back improves the customer experience

Imagine you’re on an electrical goods website and want to buy a new fridge. You need to decide which model to choose, you’ve got questions about delivery or warranties, and so on. In short, you’re being held back.

You have three options:

  • Scour the website and other sources of information to find the answers to your questions.
  • Reach customer service by phone, potentially risking a long wait before getting through to someone else.
  • Use a Web Call Back solution that allows you to be called back by an advisor at a time that suits you or as quickly as possible.

Which option offers the best customer experience? Third.

Web Call Back eliminates the major contact center friction of waiting on the phone…

A Web Call Back solution transforms a potentially frustrating experience into a positive, controlled…and human customer interaction. Web Call Back humanizes the online shopping experience.

Moreover, unlike traditional outbound calls, Web call-back involves the prospect or customer explicitly asking to be called. The call is, therefore, not perceived as intrusive.

Web Call Back for pre-qualifying requests

A Web Call Back solution enables incoming requests to be pre-qualified. Visitors using the Web Call Back service are invited to specify the reason for their contact, either by choosing from a drop-down list or in free text, depending on the solution used by the company.

A Web Call Back solution allows for more personalized conversations because the advisor knows why the customer is calling and, if the customer is already familiar, can have their information ready before the call.

Web Call Back improves the advisor’s role because they have all the necessary information to prepare for the call, allowing them to satisfy the customer in just one interaction.

Web Call Back mechanically improves the first contact resolution rate, one of the key indicators used to manage a call center.

Web Call Back improves agent comfort

Web Call Back also enhances your agents’ working comfort, enabling optimal distribution of call flows.

This technology reduces peak periods and associated pressures by enabling calls to be scheduled more efficiently.

Your agents benefit from a more balanced distribution of calls, improving their preparation before each exchange and contributing to the service quality. Moreover, access to upstream customer data enables them to adapt their communication, making their job more rewarding and varied.

Web Call Back increases conversion rate

Web Call Back removes the barriers that may occur when buying something, especially while browsing a website. If a visitor is unsure about making a purchase on your site because they have unanswered questions, Web Call Back can help.

They may leave your site without finalizing their purchase…Giving them the option of being contacted by an advisor allows them to :

  • Remove the disincentives to conversion.
  • Create a stronger, more human relationship with visitors.

Ultimately, a Web Call Back service increases the percentage of visitors who convert to the site: the famous conversion rate!

Web Call Back reduces churn

Your customers feel more valued and understood by offering a rapid, personalized response to call-back requests. The human interaction provided by the telephone channel enriches and humanizes your relationship with your customers.


A Web Call Back solution eliminates any friction your customers may experience.

The result: a better customer experience, as we’ve seen, but also better customer loyalty. A Web Call Back solution is a tool for improving retention and, symmetrically, reducing churn.

Discover Diabolocom’s Web Call Back solution

We have developed a Web Call Back solution to help our customers take advantage of all the benefits this service offers.

Our solution is designed to be both :

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Functionally complete.

Our Web Call Back solution gives your customers the option of being called back later, depending on your agents’ availability, or by selecting a time slot. Our Web Call Back solution is a two-in-one solution, as it also manages Click-to-Call, enabling customers to be called back instantly.

Our Web Call Back solution lets you efficiently coordinate callback requests, distributing them among advisors according to opening hours, contact center availability, the specific skills of each agent, and the reasons for the calls. Our advanced flow routing functionality enhances your customers and agents’ experience.

The callback button we offer allows customers to specify the reason for their contact via a drop-down list, simplifying the customer experience.

In short, our Web Call Back solution offers all the features expected of this technology. Our Web Call Back module, developed and configured on the Diabolocom platform, can be easily and intuitively integrated into your website. It can be customized at every level: colors, themes, fonts, size and position, images, texts, calendars, whether or not to propose dates and slots, triggers, information fields fed back from the site to the Web Call Back solution to conceptualize reminders…

If you’re looking for a Web Call Back solution, request a demo. We’ll give you a detailed presentation of the platform’s features and answer any questions you may have.


Web Call Back is an effective solution for enhancing the experience of visitors to your website and improving the conversion rate of prospects into customers. The Web Call Back solution developed by Diabolocom enables rapid deployment of this technology. We invite you to contact us if you’re interested, so we can show you in more detail how our solution works and how it can help you improve your sales performance.

Ask for a free demo!

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