3 commandments for achieving success in customer experience

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Inbound Calls

With a new year comes an outpour of good resolutions. Don’t fall out of line! We have put together a list of commandments to improve your customer service in 2020.

Anticipate your customers’ demands!

Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, sales and exclusive private sales: there will be no shortage of opportunities to “warm up” your credit card this year either. Strategic in terms of turnover, retail sales can quickly turn into a nightmare if your customer service is not prepared. Indeed, if a customer faces a lack of reactivity on your part, he will be tempted to turn to the competition: focus on the customer requirement!

Opt for an intelligent IVR

Anticipate these peak consumption periods as well as the demands of your customers: choose an intelligent IVR!

With it, no more long waiting times on the phone! Your customers’ calls are directed to your most competent advisers in just a few seconds. Thanks to the data in your CRM, Diabolocom retrieves the history of your customer interactions and anticipates their requests during incoming calls. Personalized, the exchanges are also more relevant and proactive: customers feel listened to and valued.

A request concerning an undelivered parcel? Rather than contacting an agent, your customer enters his order number and immediately receives the status of his delivery via a vocal message. You got it: selfcare allows your customers to find the answer to their question independently and with no interruption. All this thanks to automation! Your agents save time and can handle calls with higher added value.

Integrate your omnichannel interaction management tool with your CRM

The interest of an efficient CRM is to improve your customer knowledge.

Natively integrated into your business tool, Diabolocom solution enables you to retrieve customer data almost instantaneously and efficiently, which boosts the efficiency of your agents: thanks to the automatic file transfer, the call script, and the single agent interface, the information is centralized, accessible, and visible at a glance. By improving the productivity of your agents, you get closer to your customers’ expectations, who quickly get the answer to their request.

Convince your customers!

How many times have you talked to customers who were nervous about giving you their banking information over the phone? So many missed opportunities to sell the desired service or product.

Adopt the telephone payment functionality

Make phone payment a key moment in the customer journey thanks to Diabolocom, PCI DSS certified! Fluid, fast and highly secure, the phone transaction makes it easier for hesitant or reluctant customers to act.

It is really easy! The customer enters his bank details on the phone and resumes the conversation with the advisor once the payment has been made. It only takes a few seconds!

Be omnicanal

Increasingly demanding and impatient, customers want to interact with brands anywhere, anytime. As omnicanality favours the buying process, be prepared to take ownership of all communication channels to maximise the customer experience.

Voice, SMS, email, … Whatever the channel, make sure you offer a consistent and enjoyable experience during your interactions. A poor-quality exchange could break the trust and loyalty your customers have shown you.

You will listen to your customers!

Listen to your customers…

Since customer satisfaction is a key element to stand out from the crowd, it is essential to know their opinion and understand their expectations towards your company. Regularly update their data by sending them satisfaction surveys by e-mail or telephone!

To all intents and purposes, Diabolocom provides KPIs that enable your customer service department to access the most important information with a view to constantly improving customer relations.

And your customers will thank you 

From research to purchase, via after-sales service, the customer journey consists of many points of contact. Providing a quality experience at each of these points of contact is essential to forging and maintaining a strong relationship with your customers.

Promoters, passive or gravediggers, your customers can, in some cases, be true ambassadors. In others, they can damage your reputation. That is why you should take their feedback into consideration.

A customer who has had an exceptional experience with your company will necessarily be a satisfied customer!

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