PCI DSS compliant payment solution

Take fast and secure payments by phone

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Secure all your payments by phone

Choose an optimal level of security for all your orders paid by phone thanks to our PCI DSS-certified contact center solution.

Secure your customers and gain their trust!

Secure your sales and protect your clients


Why is a PCI DSS certification needed?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a data security standard for the payment card industry.

The PCI DSS was created to protect the sensitive data of payment card owners and to reduce fraud related to card payments.

With Diabolocom, completely PCI DSS compliant, security of personal data is at the heart of Diabolocom's platform. 


A fast set up

Diabolocom seamlessly integrates with your existing Payment Service Provider (PSP).

Coupling the PCI-DSS certified voice payment solution with the Diabolocom outgoing call campaign solution, enables you to maximise the results of your remote collection campaigns.

For even greater efficiency, Diabolocom provides a 100% automated debt collection capability. The Diabolocom software contacts your customers  directly, inviting them to make the payment themselves.

For ease, your customers can enter their payment details via their smartphones in a secure call, reducing your operational costs and freeing up your teams to focus on  other tasks.


In practice

Let's say a customer calls you and wishes to pay for an order by phone. Your agent will click on the 'PCI-DSS' button in his interface and the call will be automatically redirected to an automated IVR. Your customer will then be asked to enter his bank details in a separate interaction and will re-join the agent once the transaction is validated.

The payment is secure and your client's bank details are never communicated to your teams.