Optimize your budget 

• Optimize your budget with a hyper-competitive contact channel (20 times cheaper than outbound calls)

 Reduce customer service congestion by anticipating requests

 Personalize content and caller number to facilitate calls

 Increase agility with facility implementation in less than one hour

CRM connectors

visu-liensSalesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Rightnow, Zendesk
Link your CRM and other databases directly to Diabolocom with our native integration capability for the following services: caller ID, call history, click to call, call transferring, customer account access, etc.

visu-curseursUse our agent console is directly accessible from your CRM, helping you take your productivity to the next level.
Diabolocom can also develop easy-setup, custom connectors for any web-based internal CRM.

Outstanding support

Dedicated project managers throughout the complete
project life cycle


Agile solutions deployed in record time


Intuitive business-oriented solutions