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Target customers and prospects with cutting-edge precision thanks to our behavioural-targeting technology
 Increase your reactivity and response time using pre-recorded response functionalities, customer-journey maps, and screen sharing technology that allows you to see the page the user is browsing.

• Measure and manage your performance on a key indicator database in real time (sales, resolution rates, targeted contacts) and drive up your ROI

CRM connectors

visu-liensSalesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Rightnow, Zendesk
Link your CRM and other databases directly to Diabolocom with our native integration capability for the following services: caller ID, call history, click to call, call transferring, customer account access, etc.

visu-curseursUse our agent console is directly accessible from your CRM, helping you take your productivity to the next level.
Diabolocom can also develop easy-setup, custom connectors for any web-based internal CRM.

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Dedicated project managers throughout the complete
project life cycle


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