Diabolocom integrates with your CRM solution
Integration between customer interaction management (CIM) solutions and the company’s customer knowledge tools (CRM, third-party information systems) can be strategic and differentiating for organisations.

It makes it possible to qualify and personalize interactions, better target contacts and measure performance accurately.

The Diabolocom solution connects in a few clicks to the major CRMs of the market (Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, etc.) and has generic connectors that allow easy and fast integration with in-house CRM.

From this integration come productivity gains
and significant efficacy for agents:
Customer recognition

Qualification and enrichment of the contact before distributing to agents (segmentation, skills management, dedicated agents,…)

Automatic pop up window with customer records

Automatic creation of pre-filled tickets

Interaction records

Click-to-call management

Complete calls management: agent activity status, call waiting, transfers, performance indicators (KPIs)…

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