A hosting and telecom operator infrastructure

Designed for high availability and data security

Poulpe-Infrastructure (1)

Robust technology to guarantee customers' activities

The Diabolocom contact center solution is built on our own technical infrastructure as a host and telecommunications operator. The platform is optimised for the operation of real-time services such as voice, guaranteeing a high level of availability.

A service culture supported by the technical know-how and major infrastructure investments

Multi-tenant (SaaS) and clustered service platform architecture to compensate for any server failure
Private cloud in several hosting centers permanently synchronized with each other
Proprietary IP/Internet network (AS 39781), fully interconnected with the world's leading Internet operators to minimize transit times to our call center platforms
Own voice network, fully operated with and interconnected to major international phone operators for the most direct voice path to and from our call center platforms
Licence and status as a voice telecommunications operator in France and Germany, worldwide coverage
Fully scalable global architecture and overcapacities maintained at all times in our private cloud and our voice and IP networks to absorb traffic peaks
24/7 operation and supervision of our infrastructures, in particular voice quality