Manage your calls in HubSpot!

Manage your calls easily and fast in HubSpot.

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Get the most out of your contact centre solution with a HubSpot CTI

CRM-based intelligent routing

All the data held in your HubSpot CRM is used to qualify, prioritize, and route your calls. A VIP customer who lives in London and has already contacted customer service several times, will be redirected to a specific agent.

Call history

All calls received or made are automatically recorded in the HubSpot contact sheet. In addition to the call logs, you'll also have a URL link to access the recording directly.

Caller recognition

When a call comes in, the record containing your client's information automatically appears in the agent's interface, even before he or she picks up the phone. With all the information they need, your agents can dedicate their time to solving client requests efficiently.

Self service

All the data from your CRM can be used to automate requests. A call concerning the status of an order? Thanks to our integrations and voice synthesis, your agents are fully prepared to handle any call quickly and efficiently, freeing up more time to focus on the higher value calls.