We are looking for great developers who are enthusiastic about the idea of working in an international team (~15 people) on a very ambitious and challenging project.

We are looking for developers who are comfortable working with both Java and Node.js platforms, who have great communication skills, a real team spirit and who are – really – not afraid of challenge : the ones who see opportunities in the the obstacles and difficult situations they encounter rather than a burden.

Diabolocom is a French Cloud based solutions vendor specialized in Customer Contact Management. We develop and operate cloud-based platforms for large companies (200+ customers) to manage the interactions with their customers, across all channels with a unified approach (voice, email, social networks, live chat). Our solutions are based on rich user interfaces and real time services designed with performance and stability in mind.

The main characteristics of our project are the following : 

  • supports a large volume of communications simultaneously (conversations on voice, email, chat, social networks) so it is definitely performance and robustness oriented
  • architecture is aiming progressively at micro-services
  • architecture is open (REST APIs for our customers and internal design)
  • written in both Node.js (originally) and Java (Spring / lightweight container oriented) We are developing many new modules in Java but we still maintain and make the Node.js base evolve to serve business
  • frontend is currently vanilla javascript and is evolving fast to Angular 2
  • we are using Scrum agile approach with sprints of 2/3 weeks

Here are the main challenges we’re looking into :

  • migrating key existing services to Java and developing brand new services to support heavy upcoming usage
  • move fully to micro-services architecture
  • continue designing a high performance platform, through refactoring and smart and pragmatic architecture design
  • deliver a maximum of business value at each sprint through a strong and proactive collaboration between teams (product, frontend, backend)

Here are the characteristics of the profiles we are looking for :

  • Passionate for development and yet very much business value oriented
  • Mature and structured about development (best practices, testing, design, OO)
  • Problem solver (pragmatic, out-of-the-box thinker)
  • Looking to work in a team, and as a team, and thus having the « team spirit » : humility, proactive and clear communication, solidarity and generosity
  • Very good level at English, written and oral (French welcome of course :) )


Please send a resume and cover letter in English or French telling us about the achievement you’re the most proud of and about your motivation to work in France.